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The International Institute of Information Technologies

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The International Institute of Information Technology, also called "SUPINFO", is the new name of the "Ecole Superieure d'Informatique" de Paris, formerly called "E.S.I".

SUPINFO is today a worldwide higher school in Computer science thanks to its own international network dedicated to information technology. SUPINFO has become in France the first higher school in Computer science in term of trained student number and also in term of national coverage. SUPINFO is one of the few higher education schools where information systems training is at the core of postgraduate courses from the very first year of the programme. The Academy provides a general IT training covering all the latest technologies used in today Information Technology industry: software engineering, systems and networks, artificial intelligence, data analysis, internet and intranet technologies, business intelligennce, ERP, multi-media, etc.

In addition, further to SUPINFO Advisory Board request, in an international economic context where Information Technology professionals are destined to be more than just technical experts and to work in a global environment, SUPINFO includes in its training courses human resources, international economics, law and commerce. Thus, law, management, communication techniques, international management and even quality-control management lead to a widely recognized international European Master of Science degree.

IMPORTANT NOTE : The choice of your IT training is crucial for your future. Therefore, we strongly invite you to have a look at other IT training offers available in France and in the world suggested by either private or state higher education schools.

French State accredited, opened to students holding French grants, SUPINFO is strongly supported by the world leaders in the Information Technology industry. For this reason, it created with and for its partners the first educational laboratories which have become a reference not only in the world of education but also for companies using advanced technologies. The Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, Oracle and Apple laboratories are located within the school and allow all the students to participate, with the direct assistance of industry, in the study and development of the most widespread technologies. Now present all over the world through its own network of schools, SUPINFO offers unique opportunities for international experience and a dual diploma.
Moreover, from 2008, SUPINFO will decrease significantly its tuition fees by 1000 euros per year, either 4990 euros instead of 5999 euros.
Since September 2007, the SUPINFO initial IT training can also be followed by e-learning (by distance). Moreover, SUPINFO is opened to IT professionals with at least three year experience.

The School

Date of creation: 1965
Main field of activities :computer science, network systems and security, multimedia, Internet & Intranet, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, database but also communication & international management
Statut: Private higher-education school (non-profit organisation under the French Law of 1901)
Visa & labels: French State accredited since 1972, issuing the SUPINFO French State-accredited European Master of Science degree.

President: Alick MOURIESSE
Academic Director: Marianne BELIS
Executive Board:
Arnaud LECUCQ, General Manager - Olivier COMES, in charge of Development
Public Relations: [email protected]

Registration and Admissions

First year - Level L1: After A-levels diploma or international equivalent upon application file selection.
Second year - Level L2: After the first year of undergraduate studies in IT upon application file selection.
Third year - Level L3: After the second year of undergraduate studies in IT upon application file selection.
Fourth year - Master of Science SUPINFO 1 - level M1: After the third year of undergraduate studies in IT upon application file selection.

Application in all cases: before the academic year in November - cost of application for admission: Free


Duration of the studies:
Undergraduate course (level L1 and L2): two year study after A-levels. Three-month training-period per year in summer.
Postgraduate course (level L3, M1 and M2): Three year study after undergraduate course. Three-month training-period per year in summer. Six month training-period in the last year. Possibility of a work/study program (2 days per week in Company).
Tuition fees: From 5490 Euros, please refer to the registration terms and conditions
How to finance: By state education grant or loan.
Accommodation: Hall of residence, student accommodations suggested by our schools in France and abroad.

Some Figures

Number of students: over 4500 (2007-2008)
Number of schools:

Schools in France in 24 cities  : Île-de-France, Alsace, Aquitaine, Auvergne, Burgundy, Brittany, Champagne Ardenne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Limousin, Midi-Pyrénées, Nord-Pas de Calais (Lille & Valenciennes), Normandy, French Riviera(Marseille & Nice), Pays de la Loire, Région Centre (Orléans & Tours), Rhône-Alpes (Grenoble & Lyon), Indian Ocean (Reunion Island), Carribean (Martinique)
Schools in China in 4 cities: Pékin, Tianjin, Zhenjiang et Qiangdao with about 800 students (2007-2008)
Schools in Europe, in Canada : United Kingdom in London (150 students), Canada in Montreal (200 students).
Possibility to be trained on line.
Other regional and international branches will be opening soon: Brasil, Costa-Rica, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Denmark, Mexico, Spain and en Italy.

Mobility & Worldwide network

As all SUPINFO students benefit from the same programme in France and abroad (except for China), they can pursue their study in another SUPINFO school each year or also during the year for some weeks or some months and to take an exam there.
English is mandatory for all students.
Studies can also take place in England (SUPINFO UK in London and Oxford Brookes University) and validated by a French-English diploma recognized by the British Computer Society.
USA (SUPINFO USA in San Francisco) 
Canada (SUPINFO Canada in Montreal)
Belgique (SUPINFO Belgique in Brussels)
Italie (SUPINFO Italie in Trapani et à Rome)
Maroc (SUPINFO Maroc in Casablanca et à Rabat).

SUPINFO suggests you additional international curriculum with partners waiting the future opening of SUPINFO own schools (in Brazil, Costa-Rica, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Denmark, Mexico, Spain and Italy.).

Education Tools

Several computer parks equipped with powerful HP, SUN, DELL, APPLE, IBM servers. High speed network with optic fiber (100Mbps) dedicated to the students. Unlimided Internet access and email. Personal storage, wireless 802.11g secured network available on all school sites.
All SUPINFO students are equipped with a laptop with wireless access to the school's network (preferential rates are available to SUPINFO students thanks to the partnership with IBM and APPLE) .
Campus Booster, SUPINFO's integrated School Management solution, allows students, parents, faculty members, partner companies, laboratories, and Academy Administration members to stay in touch and to access multimedia courses through Internet. The students also have access 24/7 to their planning, online courses, marks, events, ... Possibility to attend all courses from home through high-speed Internet access (ADSL, cable...).
VPN linking all the SUPINFO schools in France and abroad.
Teachers use Tablet PCs instead which have replaced the traditional blackboards, allowing courses to be posted online for video-conferences on IP available to all SUPINFO sites worldwide.
Access to IP phone to all students with unlimited and free of charge calls in France and in the world (learn more about the SUPINFONE).

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SUPINFO International University is globally operated by EDUCINVEST Belgium - Rue Ducale, 29 - 1000 Brussels
and is accredited in France by Association Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique de Paris (ESI SUPINFO)