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Campus-Booster, the universal link

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With Campus Booster, SUPINFO links teaching and administration to the technologies of the of the future by connecting professors, parents, students and companies. It is the solution to integrating management of educational establishments, with Training Institutes and internal Training programs for Enterprises, Campus Booster is the result of a program conceived for SUPINFO.

"Campus-Booster, is a permanent link between the school, its students, its teachers, its alumni…"

Since 2001, SUPINFO has been using this digital campus technology to successfully connect SUPINFO Paris to all the other distant sites in Metropolitan France, in the French Territories and even abroad in the United Kingdom and in China.

Since 2001, SUPINFO has been using this digital campus technology to successfully connect SUPINFO Paris to all the other distant sites in Metropolitan France, in the French Territories and even abroad in the United Kingdom and in China.

Campus Booster joins computer technologies to the easy–to-use Internet to allow the spread of information according to the needs defined by the members of the connected community.

An immediate access to the communities of SUPINFO with the possibility to manage one’s own personal space, to obtain information on students, marks and schedules, depending on your rights of access.

For the teachers...

Solutions for the teachers: Cyberprof SUPINFO
If I want to -- I can! : carry out my course in class, broadcast it via PC, store my courses on the network, prepare projects or subjects, give out the corrections to exams on-line, correct students’ work, consult their files, see my schedule... and so on.

For the students...

Solutions for the students in class
If I want to -- I can! : follow my course on my PC - even with the professor in class, see the "blackboard" (the teacher’s tablet PC) on my screen or by video-conference (starting from the 2005-2006 school year), take part in projects... and so on.

Access to class schedules up to one year ahead for all promotions and all the regional and international sites of SUPINFO. You can check out exam dates easily and have direct access to the course contents via Campus Booster – a boon to both professors and students.

Solutions for the Students at home
If I want to -- I can! : study, do exercises, re-examine my courses at any hour, get help from other students, follow my progress, consult my notes, be alerted to course changes, take part in forums, vote to evaluate a course, a professor or a laboratory assistant, take part in the life of the school, make suggestions for improvement... and so on.

For the administration of the school...

For the School’s Administrative Departments
If I want to…I can !: ensure teaching and administrative follow-up in real time, dialogue with the communities, communicate important messages, send generalized e-mails , manage survey campaigns, manage blogs.

For Enterprises and Alumni...

Solutions for enterprises and Alumni (to be put into effect progressively throughout 2005)
If I want….I can! : be informed on students’ progress or Alumni’s possibilities, select candidates for straining programs or employment, verify professional certifications, evaluate my trainees on line, communicate with the professors, find old classmates.

A search program allows you to find a course, to consult a table of contents, to download linked documents, to take part in a forum to discuss a course course or its teachers.

For the parents and the families...

Solutions for the Parents from their homes
If I want to -- I can! : at any hour consult the schedules, marks, absences of my child even as the teacher is updating them, receive school certificates, information, brochures, follow school events, dialogue with the professors and the members of the administration.

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