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If you hold a teaching degree or a master in any of the subjects taught at SUPINFO and wish to share your knowledge, you will find here all you need to know to become part of the SUPINFO Faculty

The SUPINFO Faculty is made out of 80% of professionals engaged in applied research or of teachers holding diplomas from the best universities and capable of integrating in their teaching the innovations relative to the markets' evolutions. Team spirit, open-mindedness, solidarity, knowledge sharing, tolerance, enterpreneurship and shared efforts... these are the values at the heart of the school spirit which is passed on by all SUPINFO students, alumni, teachers and collaborators.

If you wish to become part of the SUPINFO faculty and share the same values, please fill in the application form below:

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To find out more about our programme, download the full SUPINFO curriculum taught in all SUPINFO schools worldwide.

Which of these subjects are you qualified and willing to teach ?

Information Systems Infrastructure
Apple Technologies:Mac Os X Client Apple Technologies: Mac Os X Server Cisco Technologies: CCNA
Cisco Technologies: Network Security 1 Cisco Technologies: Network Security 2 Cisco Technologies: Wireless
Computer Architecture Ethical Hacking And Countermeasures

Information Systems Security

Linux Technologies: CLP Linux Technologies: Mandriva Certified
      Advanced User (MCU)
Linux Technologies: Mandriva Certified
      Network Administrator (MCA)
Microsoft Technologies: Configuring
      Windows Vista
Microsoft Technologies: Exchange Server
Microsoft Technologies: Vista Enterprise
Microsoft Technologies: Windows 2008
      Active Directory
Microsoft Technologies: Windows 2008
Microsoft Technologies: Windows 2008
      Network Infrastructure
Operating Systems Protocols & Services Sun Technologies: Solaris
Virtualization & Interoperability Vmware Server 2.0 Fundamentals Voip Technologies: Study &
Enterprise Application Development
.Net Technologies: Asp.Net 2.0 & Web
.Net Technologies: 70-528 .NET Technologies: 76-536 - Application
      Development Foundation
.Net Technologies: C# & Ado.Net
.Net Technologies: Enterprise
.Net Technologies: Xna
Algorithmic Apple Technologies: Initiation To Cocoa
Artificial Intelligence
Compilation Sun Technologies: Java Enterprise Sun Technologies: Java
      Standard Edition (SCJP)
Sun Technologies: Java Web & Mobile Uml Modeling Web & Dev Technologies: C Language
Web & Dev Technologies: C++
Web & Dev Technologies: Html &
Web & Dev Technologies: Php & Xml
Databases And Enterprise Applications
BI Solution Implementation BO Solutions Business Intelligence Solutions
Eai/Erp Enterprise Solution Erp Solutions
IBM Technologies IT OPS Components KPI & Dashboard Design
Master Data Engineering Merise Modeling Oracle Technologies: Datawarehouse
Oracle Technologies: DBA1 10G Oracle Technologies: DBA2 10G Oracle Technologies: PL/SQL 10G
Oracle Technologies: SQL 10G Qlikview  
Scientific Fundamentals
Arithmetic & Cryptography Graphs Theory Linear Algebra
Probabilities & Statistics Set Theory  
It Management
Company Law Business Process Management Change Management
Compliance & IT Governance Entrepreneurship & It Internet Law
Internship coaching IT Contract Law It Management 1: Fundamentals
It Management 2: Mis Operational
It Management 3: Economics & It
      Business Strategy
IT Management 4: Information Systems
      Management Tools
IT Management 5: Erp & Bi, Corporate
Itil Foundation Labour Law
Negociation - presell Performance Management Personal Data Protection  
Project Management Project Management - Codendi Quality & Services Strategy  
SOA - SaaS      
Autres matières ne figurant pas dans cette liste :

Which SUPINFO school(s) would you like to teach in ?

Mâcon Campus      
Bordeaux Campus Marseille Campus Reims Campus
Caen Campus Martinique Campus Rennes Campus
Clermont-Ferrand Campus Metz Campus Reunion Campus
Grenoble Campus Montpellier Campus Strasbourg Campus
Guadeloupe Campus Nantes Campus Toulouse Campus
Lille Campus Nice Campus Tours Campus
Limoges Campus Orléans Campus Troyes Campus
Lyon Campus
Paris Campus Valenciennes Campus

Bruxelles Campus Catane Campus Rabat Campus
Casablanca Campus London Campus San Francisco Campus
China Campus Montreal Campus    

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