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The SUPINFO curriculum

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SUPINFO’s education programme includes all the specialised and general knowledge subjects. It answer the needs of businesses and guarantees its students the best employment opportunities: software engineering, systems and networks, artificial intelligence, data analysis, business intelligence, Internet and intranet technologies, multimedia, etc. Through the action of the educational laboratories and in partnership with the IT world leaders (Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Apple, IBM, Mandriva, Sun), the students gain practical and pragmatic skills and the much sought after ability to share knowledge.

« The SUPINFO curriculum »

For 1st or 2nd year of Undergraduate studies in IT or Beng - BSc in IT or eq : one month mandatory refresher course.

Each year of studies may be completed in any one of the schools making up the SUPINFO global network.

Entry fees for Cisco, Mandriva, and Novell certifi cation examinations are now included in tuition fees with no additional costs.

Because of the fast evolving nature of information technologies, the 2 years integrated preparatory cycle called "Bachelor 1" and "Bachelor 2" allows students to immediately take advantage of an education rich in computer related subjects without the pressure of mathematics and physics imposed upon them by conventional programmes. With around 30 hours of lessons each week including no less than 18 hours of computer studies, "Bachelor 1" offers sujects which are for the most part new to students. Students do not need to have prior knowledge in computer science to join SUPINFO.

The Postgraduate 3 year long cycle called "Bachelor 3", "Master 1" and "Master 2" complete the initial training by integrating, on top of scientific and technical subjects, the general knowledge subjects necessary to becoming a fully mobile and versatile professional: Law, Management, Communication techniques, Business Finances, Marketing, International management and Quality control as well as entrepreneurship.

During both cycles, the students are prepared to the official Professional Certifications offered by the world leaders on their latest technologies (Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, IBM, Sun, Apple, Mandriva)

The most respected French and foreign businesses have given their trust to SUPINFO and recognize its training as being one of the best. Over 5000 SUPINFO alumni have reached high responsibility positions all over the world and in all activity sectors.

"An international curriculum leading to a European Master's Degree"

The first year in Paris, the next in Nice, the third in London, the fourth in Montreal and the last year in China : anything's possible !

Of course, students can choose to follow their studies in one of the SUPINFO schools in France located in Paris and the following regions: Bordeaux, Caen, Clermont-Ferrand, Guadeloupe, Grenoble, Lille, Limoges, Lyon, Mâcon, Marseille, Martinique, Metz, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Orléans, Paris, Reims, Rennes, Réunion, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Tours, Troyes, Valenciennes.

SUPINFO is now present globally through a network of SUPINFO schools, overseas SUPINFO divisions and partner universities. It offers its students the possibility to acquire international experience in countries located all over the world while following the full SUPINFO curriculum year after year. Students can choose to take the first year of their preparatory course at SUPINFO Paris, the second year at SUPINFO Canada in Montreal, the first and second years of postgraduate studies at SUPINFO UK in London before ending their studies with a fifth year in France or in one of the three SUPINFO schools in China (this if of course only an example... the permutations are endless.).

SUPINFO's international expansion will soon see the openings of more SUPINFO schools in several regions of the world (including Spain, Russia and Brazil).

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SUPINFO International University is globally operated by EDUCINVEST Belgium - Avenue Louise, 534 - 1050 Brussels
and is accredited in France by Association Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique de Paris (ESI SUPINFO)