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Nine educational laboratories

SUPINFO houses several laboratories which maintain an impressive software library and have special equipment infrastructure. These are, among others, Oracle Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory, the Cisco Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory, the Sun Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory, the Linux Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory, the Mandriva Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory, the Microsoft Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory and Dotnet Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory, as well as the Apple Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory and the IBM Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory.

In these laboratories, students are assigned real case studies and must not only carry through important research projects, but also ensure that the results of their work are made available to all by publishing reports and holding internal seminars.

A school recognized by the world leaders

Microsoft Lab:

Microsoft is the world leader in microcomputer software development. Today, the enterprise develops, markets, and supports a wide range of products and services: operating systems for workstations or servers (Windows), systems for business servers (Microsoft Back Office and Dotnet platform, Systems Management Server, Internet Information Server, Proxy Server, Commerce Server, BizTalk, Portal Server... etc.), groupware platforms (Exchange Server), computer-aided software engineering tools (Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Interdev) and Database Management Systems (SQL Server). Most of these tools, chosen by users, have now become real standards in the market.

“Today, Microsoft Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory’s Website,, has become the world n°1 French language Website on our technologies with over 2 million hits each month.”
Head of Relations with Higher Education in Computer Science Microsoft Enterprises and Education Division

The Microsoft training and certification programme offered to students by SUPINFO is based on an agreement signed between the International Institute of Information Technology and the Microsoft Corporation. It offers SUPINFO students with a complementary technical and practical training on Microsoft technologies. Moreover, the Academy provides students with a preparation to MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certifications, as well as access to exam sessions. These certifications are widely recognised and sought after by IT professionals.


Microsoft .Net Lab:

The first Unlimited Coding Party on Microsoft .NET technologies, a competition organised by Microsoft was won by students of the SUPINFO’s Dotnet Lab, over many other participating schools (Mines de Paris, Ponts & Chaussées, Polytechnic Paris, EPITA, INSA Lyon, Arts & Métiers, Centrale Paris…). This victory confirms SUPINFO’s educational pragmatism, definitely geared towards state-of-the art and emerging technologies.


Cisco Systems Lab:

As the firm’s public communication campaign rightly points out, “Most of the data transiting on Internet today goes through Cisco”. A leader in high-level network technologies and equipment, Cisco Systems is currently a force to be reckoned with in the world of telecommunication and digital data communication networks. The company plays an increasingly important part in the field of local (LAN) and wide area (WAN) network interconnection, for large enterprises as well as for SMB, mainly as the creator of backbone network elements (hubs, switches, bridges, routers, etc.) In France, SUPINFO has entered into a CNAP (Cisco Networking Academy Program) partnership with Cisco. As such, SUPINFO has become a Cisco Regional Academy. Through a specific and carefully designed programme, students take a four-section networking course, applicable for the most part to Cisco and non-Cisco equipment. The CCNA official certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is greatly valued by enterprises.

Today, the Cisco Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory, created by the Academy, regularly publishes articles that are particularly appreciated by educators and by telecommunication and network professionals. On the site, and through the Cisco Lab Training Engine, students may also prepare for the CCNA and CCNP official certifications. In France, no less than 50% of Cisco certified students are SUPINFO students.

“We have come to realise that there is an important shortage of competencies in network technologies. SUPINFO is one of the best schools when it comes to network technologies training. The Cisco-SUPINFO lab is a great showcase for us. SUPINFO is our n°1 partner in France both in number of students trained on our technologies as well as in percentage of students successfully taking our professional certifications.”
Christophe DOLINSEK – Area Academy Manager France and Benelux – Cisco


Apple Lab:

Apple Computer and SUPINFO have laid the foundations of a long term partnership with the following objectives:

· To incorporate into the SUPINFO curriculum, Apple Mac OS X technologies, having chosen Apple Xserve servers for the Academy’s information system,
· To deploy an Apple portal, with the aim of fostering exchange among Apple Mac OS X developers and system specialists, as well as popularising and democratising these technologies by making available free training resources, technical documentation, forums, articles, and tips & tricks, as in the other educational laboratory portals of the Academy,
· To provide SUPINFO students with Apple equipment at extremely competitive rates,
· SUPINFO’s participation in a number of freeware projects, in partnership with Apple,
· To put into practice the training acquired through student internships, with Apple Computer in France, Belgium and Scotland.

Oracle Lab:

The Oracle Corporation is, without doubt, a worldwide reference in the development of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Technologies developed by the American firm are often at the heart of the information systems in large businesses. The database engine runs on UNIX (Sun Solaris, Linux, etc.) as well as on Windows platforms. In addition to the Oracle 8, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, and Oracle 10g server engines, the enterprise also offers modeling tools (Oracle Designer), a software engineering studio (Oracle Developer), and an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application suite.

Through the OAI (Oracle Academic Initiative) programme, a global alliance between Oracle and Higher Education Institutions has been created in order to tackle the shortage of operational professionals in database systems management. SUPINFO has been among the pioneers of this programme in France. It provides SUPINFO students with the Oracle Education resources.

Students also have access to all Oracle server products, as well as design and development tools (Oracle Designer and Developer) for educational use both on the School site and on their personal computers. In compliance with the agreement signed between SUPINFO and Oracle, the number of users is unlimited. In addition, Oracle MetaLink electronic support is made permanently available to teachers. With this equipment, SUPINFO students are prepared for the Oracle DBA (DataBase Administrator) certification course, which includes the following sections: Introduction to Oracle servers, Oracle Database Administration, Backup and Recovery Workshop, Performance Tuning Workshop. SUPINFO adds to this main database management course other classes on Web Applications, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, and Developer/Designer. Finally, Oracle has committed to SUPINFO to offer certified students their best employment opportunities. This cooperation has resulted in the Oracle Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory, whose accomplishments are now acknowledged globally.

Arnaud BONTEMPS, a SUPINFO Paris alumnus, now professor in Oracle databases, Director of the Oracle SUPINFO Laboratory, and Project Manager at the Paris Academy of Computer Science, required fast, efficient, reliable and easy-to-deploy tools to test and evaluate a large number of SUPINFO students worldwide in a variety of subjects. By choosing “Oracle Application Server Portal” to develop this project, he gained recognition in the Silicon Valley and was granted the worldwide “Oracle Portal Developer of the Year” award by the Oracle Corporation in 2003.

“At SUPINFO, students are really given the means to learn the essential about Oracle and can make use of the best in technical environment while enjoying an exceptionally warm environment.”
Jean-Pierre LAMARGOT
Oracle Higher Education Programme Manager


Sun Microsystems Lab:

In the field of UNIX operation systems and lightweight client, Sun Microsystems and SUPINFO have entered into a partnership with an educational purpose: SUPINFO has included in its programme some classes on Sun Microsystems technologies and has created within its premises a laboratory dedicated to Sun Solaris and Java technologies. The mission of the Sun Technologies SUPINFO Laboratory is to train and prepare all SUPINFO students to Sun’s certifications: « System Administrator Solaris », « Network Administrator Solaris », « Programmer for Java 2 Platform », « Developer for Java 2 Platform », « Enterprise Architect for Java 2 Platform », and « Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Technology ».


Linux Lab:

With the Linux technologies SUPINFO laboratory, SUPINFO goes one step further in its commitment to offer a diversified teaching on operating systems and confirms its interest in the field of free software.
SUPINFO and Mandriva have joined their efforts to create a certification curriculum on the Mandriva Linux distribution and GNU/Linux technologies.

This partnership finds its roots in Mandriva’s decision to develop services around the distribution of Linux operating system, today one of the most widespread and recognized in the world, and comes within SUPINFO’s strategy to answer the market’s needs by continually certifying its students during the course of their 5 year long studies.

Mandriva relies on SUPINFO’s know-how in certification training, while SUPINFO provides its students with a curriculum which will allow them to put forward their Mandriva certification in their search for employment and in the course of their career.

This curriculum, new to higher education, provides all the knowledge necessary to the management of the Linux systems. In adequacy with the growing needs for Linux competencies in businesses, the certification will be available worldwide and will allow anyone interested to get validation for their technical knowledge.

MCU (Mandriva Certification for advanced Users), until now only intended for professionals, is made available to SUPINFO students with the intention of training engineers who need to be at the cutting-edge of technological advances. It will be taught within SUPINFO by the Linux technologies SUPINFO laboratory instructors.

It will also be available to professionals willing to take the certification.


IBM Lab:

Access to the technologues of the world leaders.


Strong partnerships

Having educational partners which allow SUPINFO to offer official certifications creates real opportunities for young graduates. It is thanks to these partnerships that the Academy is equipped with tools and resources until now solely meant for computer education professionals. Expensive equipment and software are made available to students without restrictions, together with training programmes and faculty follow-up. Students may choose from a wide variety of high-quality documents and educational resources to help them in the acquisition of the technologies taught in the programme (CD-ROM, videos, multimedia training resources, exercises, and electronic-tests). The independent and official certification exams are international guarantees of skills that are transferable to all types of businesses. These certifications are highly appreciated and recognised by enterprises that are thus assured to hire genuinely operational engineers with an invaluable experience in the technologies they use. Finally, these certifications ensure well paid internships and jobs while allowing students to appear, free of charge, in an international directory of certified engineers available to enterprises recruiting worldwide.

SUPINFO students can take all the certification exams in the Academy, which is an international test centre authorised by NCS Pearson VUE (Virtual University Enterprises), and Thomson Learning Prometric.

“This year, SUPINFO as been the #1 test centre for the EMEA area (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in terms of delivered certifications.”
Stéphane MARTIGNON – Sales Channel Manager Europe Middle East & Africa – NCS Pearson VUE

Find out about the SUPINFO laboratories:

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