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SUPINFO launches its new management training

The SUPINFO Advisory Board (SAB), SUPINFO’s think tank cell and decision making body, has decided to go further than merely imparting knowledge and technical know-how by devising a programme to better prepare its students, professionals wanting to validate their professional experience and vocational training candidates to their future managerial role. For this reason, following the example of Higher Education Management and Commerce schools such as HEC, ESSEC, ESCP-EAP or the University of Manchester, SUPINFO has entered into a partnership with Crossknowledge, leader in the field of e-learning management training.

To better answer to the needs of the market, SUPINFO offers management classes integrated in SUPINFO’s 5 year long post-A level curriculum as well as to candidates to an “International Master” and in the framework of vocational training through SUPINFO’s training centre.

From now on, SUPINFO’s Management courses are developed by a network of internationally recognized authors, consultants and higher education teachers and will grow by 50 modules with each passing year. These courses are part of the official state-accredited SUPINFO curriculum which is available from any of the 28 SUPINFO schools present in France and abroad or through distance education. The management courses are also integrated in personalized programmes in the framework of the validation of professional experience. In parallel, some of the modules have been integrated into the “International Masters” programme in complement to the vocational training offer provided by the “SUPINFO Training Centers”. Last but not least, a new course dedicated to Management will soon be launched by SUPINFO under the name of “SUPINFO Management”.

The programme revolves around the 4 main SUPINFO values:
Knoledge, Know-How, Transferable skills and Make-Known

  Know-How   Transferable skills
  Savoir   Savoir
  People Management
  Professional efficiency
  Finance and management
  Finance and management
  Team Management
  Personal growth
  Marketing   Marketing
  Sales/Negociations   Communication   human resources
  human resources
  Project Management
      Strategy   Strategy

High quality contents available in several languages.

The SUPINFO Management courses are articulated around 300 thirty minutes long modules. Thanks to Crossknowledge, each module is tested on thousands of students. The training uses multimedia, video, active learning and interaction with the student. 1200 tests modules which allow the student to evaluate his level and record his progress, competences and behaviour. Knowledge and managerial practice can be assessed from the start to the end of the training.

Here are some of the topics taught as part of the SUPINFO management course from the first year of studies.

The fundamentals: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Sustainable Development…

Managing techniques: Recruiting, Evaluating, Team motivating, People management, Conflict management, Leading meetings, Project management, Change management, Transverse management, Skills development, Sales / Negotiation…

Transferable skills
Behaviour practice: Leadership, Communication, Personal efficiency, Memory management, Emotional intelligence, Stress management, Active listening, Creativity, Empathy…

Courses are already available in French, English and Spanish and will soon be available in Chinese to answer the needs of SUPINFO’s Chinese students.

A network of highly skilled teachers

With Crossknowledge, SUPINFO’s new management programme is put together by a network of around 40 authors, teachers and experts, each recognized in their own field. It is the guarantee for quality and reliable contents.

Thanks to the e-learning concept starting in 2007-2008 and which includes follow up and coaching, the students will benefit from great flexibility in the organization of the courses. SUPINFO students are able to study at any time and from anywhere while still enjoying constant monitoring from the Crossknowledge education and teaching teams on all the subjects taught. Moreover, starting in September 2007, SUPINFO and Crossknowledge will launch their first educational Management Laboratory which will be run following the model of SUPINFO’s technical laboratories (Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Apple, etc). From the first semester 2007-2008, this Management programme will become a part of SUPINFO’s general training under the name of “SUPINFO Management”. It will also be available for the validation of the professional experience programme and some of the modules will be taught in the framework of the International Masters of Science and of the vocational training programme taught within the “SUPINFO Training Centre”. 

Many large companies now use leadership proficiency frames of reference in their Human Ressources process: recruitment, performance measurement, training, carreer management and mobility, inter-cultural management.

The Management Courses taught at SUPINFO provide students with the knowlege and the management practices needed to quickly grasp the various management related situations which they will be faced in the course of their


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