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SUPINFO International University, in partnership with many French and international publishers such as Cyberlibris, ENI Editions, or, even VTC, now provides access to all regularly enrolled students at several multimedia digital libraries consisting of tens of thousands of publications, books, videos and course material produced by the most renound names in information technology and management. Access for all these new elaborated resources are part of the new approach of SUPINFO International University to base its curriculum and student assignments on faultless, reliable and regularly updated - by industry professionals - content. will gradually provide access in English and French to over 15,000 publications, books, course material in cooperation with Cyberlibris and ENI, as well as more than 90,000 videos, tutorials and information technology certifications preparation in cooperation with VTC. Each teacher is now able to mark the bibliographic route of each student by providing direct access to publications, which are also the raster of the course or where they can complement and strengthen it. Each student will then consider thoroughly his/her courses, according to the bibliographic choice of his/her teachers or by adding the results of her/his own discoveries.


SUPINFO and Cyberlibris

This digital library, which is based on technology and catalogs of the Cyberlibris-platform, already includes about 13,000 publications in English or in French on all subjects from general culture, to leisure activities, whilst passing: science, management, student life and, of course, information technology. For this section, SUPINFO, in cooperation with Cyberlibris, is currently creating collections by adding – on a regular basis - publications in partnership with publishers.

The books we read do say something about ourselves. Unfortunately, a public library is a place where silence rules, a place where every reader should not disturb his neighbor. In contrast, the digital SUPINFO-library has as much the optional alliances to its subscribers by offering them the ability to also share these affinities online through comments and suggestions.


SUPINFO and ENI-Publications

This digital library contains all the digital books from ENI-Publications. It is a very elaborated collection of publications on numerous subjects to reside in the very core of current information technology. Perfectly suited for our students this online library also gathers publications on support with regard to the official courses within the SUPINFO-programs.

No more leafing through books and attempting to find the ragged old book, in which students will find their answers: ENI-Publications offer SUPINFO-students a powerful search engine to quickly find the answers sought throughout the numerous books.

In order to facilitate the usage, the digital books are grouped by categories: System and network, application servers, development, database - reporting, various IT, office systems - management, web - DTP - CAD / CAM.


SUPINFO and VTC (Virtual Training Company)

SUPINFO International University provides access to its students and teachers to all VTC-training videos.
These trainings are grouped in a library of nearly 100,000 videos, which is one of the sources of the most renound multimedia-training on the Web, covering more than 900 courses.
VTC videos are excellent supplements to written course material, selected by SUPINFO-teachers, and also aid in improved preparation for certifications or discovering technology or software not taught in the official program of the institute.

SUPINFO International University donne accès à ses étudiants et professeurs à l'intégralité des vidéos de formation VTC.
Ces formations sont regroupées dans une bibliothèque de près de 100 000 vidéos qui est l'une des sources de formation multimédia la plus reconnue sur le Web couvrant plus de 900 cours.
Les vidéos VTC sont d'excellents compléments aux supports de cours écrits choisis par les professeurs de SUPINFO et permettent aussi de mieux préparer aux certifications ou découvrir des technologies ou logiciels non enseignés dans le programme officiel de l'école.

VTC training videos use a very simple method of transferring knowledge: QuickTime and Flash videos, recorded by our expert instructors, who guide our students - step by step - in learning a software or a new technology.


SUPINFO and Cisco Systems

In the scope of the program, Cisco Networking Academy, SUPINFO offers all its students and teachers online access to course material in regard to the official academic CISO-courses. Cisco Networking Academy is a training program for network technologies and the Internet, vital to contemporary businesses.

Among other courses: Essential IT (PC, hardware and software), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Discovery, CCNA Exploration and other specialized publications within the framework of corporate computer networks.

SUPINFO will see you - students and teachers - on:

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