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The Admission at SUPINFO International University

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SUPINFO International University offers candidates of all age, all profiles and backgrounds the success opportunities in the IT business.

Whether you want to pursue studies in initial training after the high school or to obtain a recognized diploma and a qualification that will help you to upgrade or reorient your professional career. The flexible training offered by SUPINFO and its international academic network fit all profiles and is available to both remote and on 36 campuses in France and worldwide..

The admission procedure is free to all and can be done online throughout the year which allows you to choose the offer that best suits your profile and your goals.

Independent Admission of the admission procedure Post-Bac (APB).
Applications for SUPINFO International University are only through our dedicated platform.

Application at SUPINFO

Submission of application to SUPINFO International Universality is only thorough our Enrollment Portal. This centralization of application allows students to prepare their final year of post- Baccalauréat orientation without incurring the burden of any other platform.

Submit an admission document to SUPINFO is free and allows you to get an email address, the access to the courses, SUPINFO educational content and more.

Passport for Success : pedagogy at the service of success

The principle of Passport for Success is based on a unique offer that delivers, with no extra cost, to better support students toward success in their studies and their successful careers which mainly contains 3 strong mutual commitments between SUPINFO International University and each student.

These three fundamental mutual commitments are under certain conditions, new students admitted in 2016-2017 in 1st year (A.Sc.1) ) may also choose to subscribe to a fourth mutual commitment, the financial commitment. It consists, on contery of the previous student's commitments, students who are engaged in the financial commitment will only pay a reduced amount of tuition fee during the first 5 years studies, then the student will continue to pay the balance of the total tuition fee monthly during the first three years employment after obtaining the Master of Science.

Know more about Passport for Success

You are in secondary school: admission post secondary school

You are currently in the final year of secondary school, and you want to continue your higher education and direct your career towards the IT business. Whether you are passionate about developing the Web, systems administration, or simply by IT in general, SUPINFO International University will welcome you directly after obtaining the Bachelor for its various courses, so the Master of Science (BAC+5) preparing the Expert title in Computing and Information Systems, recognized by the State level 1 (Master level, engineer).

Our admission is open to all types of secondary school graduates. Our first year general curriculum will take the IT basics to build a strong profile suited to your needs. The only prerequisite is your passion for IT and motivation to work.

You can join SUPINFO (A.Sc.1). l'école supérieure d'informatique of SUPINFO in the first year course Associate of Science (A.Sc.1).

Independent Admissions Post-Bac of the post secondary school admissions procedure.
Applications for SUPINFO International University are only through our dedicated platform .

You are a student: parallel admission

You are a student currently studying in an IT field, you want to redirect or continue your studies? SUPINFO International University offers parallel admissions that will allow you to join our course BAC+5 either on one of our physical campus or remotely on our Virtual Campus. The admission level will depend on your current level of study and validation of your supporting documents by our admission committee.

A refresher period is organized before the official start of the new school year will allow you to put all the chances on your side and a successful reorientation.

Your admission level to SUPINFO depends on your current actual level;
  • After the first year in computer science: admission in second year course Associate of Science (A.Sc.2 - Bac+2).

  • After the second year in computer science and subject to obtaining a Bac+2: Admission to the first year course of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. - Bac+3).

  • After the third year in computer science and subject to obtaining a Bac+3: admission to the first year of the course Master of Science (MSc1 - Bac+4).

  • Students who begin their studies in another area than IT can integrate SUPINFO. They must submit an application file, the Admission Commission will decide on the admission level which they are entitled.

  • No direct admission to second year of the course Master of Science (MSc2 - Bac+5) is possible.

You are an employee

You are currently employed, you want to reorient or carry out a VAE (Validation of Acquired experience) to obtain a SUPINFO diploma.

Video presentation of SUPINFO Virtual Campus

Firstly, you have the possibility to reorient your professional career by following SUPINFO International University course on Virtual Campus, and benefit the flexible hours to follow various course and modules to get one of our diplomas while working.

In this case your admission level is essentially the last diploma and your professional experience.

Discover Virtual Campus

Secondly you can also register for a VAE under certain conditions to get our IT expert Diploma Bac + 5 which is recognized by the French State Level 1 (Master level, engineer). This procedure takes between 12 and 18 months. We invite you to consult our VAE at SUPINFO to understand everything.

Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) is a legal way to obtain SUPINFO diploma certified to Level I (Bac+5, Master, Engineer) and registered by the French state in RNCP: the "National Directory of Professional Certifications. To access to SUPINFO diploma by VAE is the same way as the traditional university route in initial training after the secondary school and has the same value.

* Important note  : Important Note: L’Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique of SUPINFO International University, now called "SUPINFO" or "SUPINFO Institute of Information Technology" represents only one school, all regional and international sites are considered as "remote" sites of SUPINFO Paris. This ensures the same education and issuance of homogeneous title at the end of the course to all candidates. As a result, although SUPINFO provides educational service regionally and internationally on all its remote sites, however the processing of all admissions, the academic and pedagogic control, direction of the studies, are based in Paris, France for credentialing which are recognized by the French State. In this case, all candidates regardless of the site where they asked admission to L’Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique de Paris, even if their choices of site are stated on the admission record, they should well follow their SUPINFO studies remotely and / or from a regional or international SUPINFO network. Once registered for obtaining a title recognized by the French State, all our students are considered as enrolled in SUPINFO Paris, even if they are studying on a regional or international site remotely. Regarding international credentials issued by SUPINFO International University (Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science) which are not French national diplomas, they are either through the international network of SUPINFO International University in Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, USA and China, either through the international network of SUPINFO partner universities. Computer training offered by SUPINFO is one of the many computer courses available in France and in the world; it is complementary to the originality of its educational content of its methods. Choose their initial training is not a neutral act. Therefore, we urge you to inform you accurately about the different curricula and national qualifications offered by other public or private institutions recognized by the state in order to perfect your choice, including consultation with the course of study offered by universities and public schools.

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