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SUPINFO Canada in Montreal

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The SUPINFO network has expanded with the opening of SUPINFO Canada in Montreal (in the province of Quebec) at the beginning of the 2006 academic year.


It is thus a new and highly appreciated destination which is being offered to all students registered at SUPINFO Canada, the United Kingdom, China, France and all of the other locations around the world - under quality conditions identical to those at the other SUPINFO sites.


All the Canadian students at SUPINFO in Montreal will naturally also be able to fully benefit from the possibilities of mobility within the SUPINFO network around the world.


With the creation of SUPINFO Canada, SUPINFO replies to the motto of Quebec: "I remember".


SUPINFO Montreal welcomes both Canadian and international students who are motivated by Computer Science. Hurry onto the Admissions site to reserve your place. The SUPINFO courses in Canada will take place in French.


The decision to open this site lies within the scope of the international policy SUPINFO and addresses the many requests made by our industrial partners and local authorities. Indeed, they underlined the need for supplementing the existing upper-level specialized training in ICT in the region by the numerous possibilities for international mobility offered by the pragmatic and operational approach taken by SUPINFO. In addition, SUPINFO’s reputation in ICT has been growing in Canada for over two years now - thanks in particular to its French-speaking teaching laboratories, which are used very much by Canadian businesses and universities throughout Quebec.


An opportunity for Canadian students
but also for those in France and China


The premises of SUPINFO Canada will be located in Montreal, a dynamic city which has known how to preserve its quality of life. The premises will include the same laboratories and technologies as those of Paris: high speed Internet connection, permanent connection with other SUPINFO schools...

A strategic position in Montreal,
the economic capital of Quebec

Rich in history and bubbling with cultural activities and sports, Montreal – the city of a hundred bell-towers - is a terrific place for having international exchanges and offers a quality of life without par. The Declaration of Montreal For Cultural Diversity and Inclusion, which was unanimously adopted by the City Council of Montreal, testifies to the openness of spirit to be found in this city, which shares the same values concerning the tolerance and respect of all cultures that is a major policy at SUPINFO as well.

While remaining registered students of SUPINFO, the students at SUPINFO Canada are be able to follow the entire range of classes of SUPINFO in Montreal.

SUPINFO, one school...
...with an international network.

The teaching contents are rigorously identical to those used at the other branches of the school. The Montreal site will naturally benefit from the experience of the teachers who travel between the various SUPINFO Schools, including the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, China, the United Kingdom and France. The Montreal branch will be equipped with the same technological means as in Paris and, in particular, with the VPN which connects all the SUPINFO schools around the world. All the students of SUPINFO Canada will have a personal local telephone number placed at their disposal by SUPINFO and will be reachable permanently on IP via an SIP telephone (software or hardware). All calls between SUPINFO students and members of the closed group of users at SUPINFO (teachers and administration) will be free, no matter which branch the call is from or to. For example, a student at SUPINFO Canada in Montreal will be able to place an unlimited call to students of SUPINFO China, SUPINFO Paris or SUPINFO UK. He may also be contacted by someone using an ordinary private phone or cell-phone.

Of course, the Montreal students will have the same opportunities to move from one school to the other as everyone else does at SUPINFO. For example, they can thus carry out a part of their studies chronologically by starting in Montreal, then going to Paris, Nice, or Napier University in Edinburgh, before finishing their schooling with a double diploma in China or in the United Kingdom.


We really praise SUPINFO which has been able to invest on completely innovating methodologies and training, and besides so innovating that it is present on a worldwide scale, and not only in Europe but also in China.”
E. BOUSTOULLER - VP EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) - MICROSOFT

«SUPINFO is today our #1 Higher Education partner in Europe with 2 500 students trained on our technologies and the highest rate of students passing the Cisco certification each year. The excellence of their training is matched by their reactivity in answering the industry’s requirements in real-time: SUPINFO has immediately understood the urgent need for engineers trained in wireless and security and deliver first class training in these state-of-the-art technologies.»
J. LEWIS - Area Academy Manager - CISCO

“SUPINFO is our main partner in higher education.
The proficiency found in its laboratories has brought us to entrust the Linux technologies SUPINFO laboratory with the creation of our certification curriculum.”
A. GOLL - Education & Research Manager - MANDRIVA

“I think that the curriculum offered at SUPINFO is really ahead of its time...”
R. RAMOS - Director Education & Research - APPLE

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