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Specialization options at SUPINFO International University !

15 new specialization options in partnership with Learning Tree

Following the strategic agreements between Learning Tree International and SUPINFO International University, the University offers 15 new exclusive specialization options for its students for the academic year 2015-2016.

These new optional courses are part of the global SUPINFO curriculum which will lead to the Expert in Computer and Information Systems diploma (Bac + 5, recognized by the State Level I). Students can follow these teachings according to their study year. Each option has an 100 hour volume, alternating distance courses and practical exercises will be carried out under the red wire project.

The employment rate of SUPINFO students is well established. Nearly 100% of students are hired within 3 months after their graduation. The establishment of such specialization options will ensure this high level of employment rate. SUPINFO students will continue to attract more recruiters with their hight level expertise.

The themes covered by these new courses, like the overall curriculum SUPINFO, are aligned with the latest market developments. Learning Tree International, the leader in practical training in IT and Management taught by experts for IT professionals, brings its expertise with high added value content and meets the latest standards that required by companies.

Academic Reminders: The specialization options are teachings that will be evaluated through a red wire project. Any final mark equal to or higher than 10/20 will automatically receive 10 ECTS credits. Superior of 10/20 also result in the acquisition of SUPINFO Success Points according to the terms of optention of Success Points stated herein.


Creating Web Applications with AngularJS

from the 1st year (A.Sc.1)

HTML5: Next Generation Web Development

from the 1st year (A.Sc.1)

Mobile & Responsive Web Device

from the 1st year (A.Sc.1)

Optimise UI and UX for software design

from the 1st year (A.Sc.1)

System administration and network

Integrate Mac OS X in businesses

from the 1st year (A.Sc.1)

Linux Foundation

from the 4th year (M.Sc.1)

Big Data

Analyse Big Data : the fundamentals

from 4th year (M.Sc.1)

Business Intelligence SQL server, Robotic Development & Advanced Administration of renewed workstations

Popular with students since 2014, the three options Business Intelligence SQL-Server, Robotic Development et Advanced Administration of workstations were renewed for the academic year 2015-2016.
The respective content will be updated and the exercises will be fully renewed.

These three specialization options are available to all SUPINFO Community.

Business Intelligence SQL-Server

from the 3rd year (B.Sc.)

Robotic Development

from the 1st year (A.Sc.1)

Advanced administration of workstations

from the 1st year (A.Sc.1)

Registration and fees

Registration is exclusively online through Campus-Booster (Schooling / Enrolment) from the septembre 1 to novembre 30 2015.

A registration offer at € 690 euros for one option or € 1,100 for 2 options will be offered.
The use of Success points is also possible. 1000 Success Points will be required to register for the option of your choice.

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