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The 2016 Baccalaureat edition was a success

Video of the 2016 Baccalaureat edition

On Saturday, May 21, 2016 SUPINFO students were presented in all French Campuses to receive more than 300 candidates who will get their BAC in 2016. This scientific event (mathematics, life sciences and earth, engineering science, physics, chemistry) imagined by the students was accompany secondary school students in Terminale with two-stage, all sections included, to detect their weak points and help them to better understand and review.

The first step takes place on SUPINFO Campus face-to-face where the students discover their student-engineer coach. This discovery phase will allow students to evaluate the levels and revisions to define the most important points.

The second step is to accompany the candidates to the beginning of the Baccalaureate examinations. At the end of the day Saturday, May 21, students in Terminale class have set up an agenda of personalized and individualized revision with their SUPINFO coach.


This student initiative is completely free for students and allows our students to train to pass on their knowledge to others. It is a skill increasingly asked by recruiters who regularly on our campus and we have integrated into our academic curriculum in 2014.

In the presse

The event initiated by the students of SUPINFO International University has been reported by many French media. Here is a selection of articles, videos and radios extracts.

Extraits du 19:45, Journal Télévisé de M6 - 22 mai 2016

L'opération des révisions du Baccalauréat imaginée et organisée par nos étudiants en faveur des candidats 2016 a été un véritable succès ! M6 a d'ailleurs tourné un reportage en immersion complète sur notre Campus à Lille !

Publié par SUPINFO International University sur jeudi 2 juin 2016

La République du Centre - 19 mai 2016
SUPINFO propose un coaching personnel

Le Républicain Lorrain - 16 mai 2016
Metz : SUPINFO, la boîte à bac gratuite !

L'Est éclair - 13 mai 2016
Révisions Marathon avec SUPINFO Troyes le 21 mai

Le journal Toulousain - 9 mai 2016
SUPINFO dans les starting-blocks pour le Bac

Le Monde - 4 mai 2016
SUPINFO aide les lycéens à préparer leur Bac
La Dépèche - 19 mai 2016
Révisions Marathon du Bac à SUPINFO

France Antilles - 11/15 mai 2016
Une aide pour le Bac

Midi Libre - 11 mai 2016
En mode Marathon pour réviser le Bac

Presse Océan - 5 mai 2016
Coaching d'avant Bac

Le Figaro Etudiant - 3 mai 2016
Bac 2016: SUPINFO propose aux lycéens de réviser gratuitement sur leurs campus
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