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  SUPINFO Beijing Campus

Room 517
Cultural Industrial Park Office Building

Songjiazhuang Feng Tai District
100078 Beijing
+33 1 53 35 97 00
Map for access
Access to the Campus :
13 bus lines to the Campus
BUS 990 17 39 511 684
Metro line 5, 10 station Songjiazhuang
Opinions : 7 testimony

Presentation of the campus

The headquarter of SUPINFO China is in the capital Beijing, also known as Pékin. Launched in 2003 and managed in partnership with Chinese state universities, SUPINFO China offers Chinese students the opportunity to study in France to obtain the SUPINFO MSc after obtaining their Chinese diploma. French students and other nationalities of SUPINFO network can take the advantage of SUPINFO geographical mobility to come and discover Chinese culture and discover the world.

In Beijing, SUPINFO works with a local partner university (BUCT) to welcome the international students who wish to start an international career at the end of their study. The impressive economic growth of China has created enormous business opportunities.

Curriculum and courses on campus

These courses are proposed from Bac, Bac+1, +2, +3 et +4 full time or alternatively 2 days/week financed by the company :

These courses are also available 100% from distance, along (Open-Campus)
or with coaching (Virtual-Campus).

Meet SUPINFO in Beijing

SUPINFO China organizes regularly the Open Day. For more details, don't hesitate to contact us

SUPINFO Open Campus

Certaines ressources et outils ne sont accessibles qu'aux inscrits à SUPINFO International University disposant du statut "Advanced Member". Toute personne inscrite à un cursus SUPINFO en formation initiale ou professionnelle dispose automatiquement de ce statut. Si vous souhaitez bénéficier du statut Advanced Member de SUPINFO et accéder à toutes les ressources mises à disposition des inscrits, cliquez ici. Si vous avez déjà votre statut Advanced Member, vous pouvez vous authentifier sur Open Campus et bénéficier de toutes les ressources disponibles.

Etudiez ce que vous voulez

Vous accédez librement et gratuitement à tous les contenus des cursus, cours, forums et publications de la communauté et pouvez même assister aux classes Virtual-Campus. Si vous êtes "Advanced Member", tous les inscrits à un cursus le sont, vous accédez aussi librement à des milliers de vidéos de cours et de livres des éditions Dunod, ENI, Eyrolles, Puf, etc. traitant de tous les domaines de l'informatique, du numérique et du management.

Quand vous voulez

Toutes nos ressources pédagogiques sont disponibles en ligne. Elles sont donc accessibles 24h/24 et 7j/7. Journées, soirs, week-ends ou jours fériés, SUPINFO est toujours "Open" pour vous permettre d'apprendre et de progresser chez vous, sur un campus ou dans l'entreprise. Nos contenus et cursus existent pour les étudiants tout comme pour les professionnels qui souhaitent se perfectionner ou se mettre à jour.

Où vous voulez

Vous partez dans un endroit où vous n'avez pas de connexion internet ?

Une grande partie de nos ressources sont disponibles au téléchargement. Vous pourrez donc les télécharger avant votre départ, pour en profiter ensuite.

Outils et Ressources pour les Advanced Members

Cisco NetAcad

Accédez en ligne aux cours Cisco, leader mondial des technologies réseau, et perfectionnez-vous, à votre rythme, dans le domaine des réseaux.


Des milliers de vidéos de cours sur les derniers logiciels, technologies numériques et management sont à votre disposition grâce au campus couvrant tout le programme de SUPINFO et même au delà.


Bénéficiez des avantages réservés aux membres de la communauté SUPINFO tels que l'obtention de licences pour des solutions de virtualisation VMware Workstation et VMware Fusion, et une sélection de cours en e-learning sur les technologies VMware.

Microsoft Campus Program

Entrez dans la communauté étudiante de Microsoft et accédez à des outils d'apprentissage en ligne, ainsi qu'au téléchargement gratuit des derniers logiciels Microsoft.


JetBrains propose des IDE performants et adaptés aux différents langages de programmation, pour améliorer la productivité de développement et rester ainsi concentré sur la conception et les objectifs !

Editions ENI

Les éditions ENI, éditeur de livres informatiques, mettent à disposition de tous les étudiants SUPINFO International University un accès illimité à toute leur collection.

Certifications industrielles

Avec des outils de préparation aux certifications officielles de Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, etc, SUPINFO vous prépare au passage de certifications et, sous certaines conditions, vous rembourse les frais en cas de réussite.

Offres DELL

Bénéficiez des meilleurs ordinateurs DELL des gammes Inspiron, XPS ou Alienware et aux meilleurs tarifs.

Educational Laboratories in Beijing

SUPINFO Beijing campus welcome different laboratories, a place where students who share the same passion for one technology can meet, it also allows them to discover new things, and to exchange and work on the common projects.

Labo Linux
This Lab address to the passionate Linux and free software.

Labo Cisco
This Lab allows students to meet and discover the latest CISCO technology.

Labo Oracle
The Lab Oracle of SUPINFO China organize regularly events on campus that opens to everyone. For example : « Chunlei seminar».

Labo Microsoft
Participate in hundreds of projects related to Microsoft and windows technology.

Living in Beijing - Useful links

Well located through the facilities of the university campus of our partners, SUPINFO China offers varies solutions for your meal at lunchtime or after school with an offer tailored to any budget.

You will find all kinds of cuisines in China: Chinese, Western, Muslim, and Eastern ... So you'll never be disappointed!

Accommodation in Beijing

You can find apartments through local real estate agencies. After your arrival in Beijing, you can stay a week in a budget hotel next to the campus (180Yuan/ night for a double room, to book 10 days before arriving by sending an email to Ms. Kong Nan by
Then SUPINFO China will help you to find apartments on site, such as visiting apartments, signing contracts, etc…

Financing in Beijing

There are numerous help and support you can have if you want to come and do your studies at SUPINFO International University in China.

Dinning in Beijing

The Capital of China brings all the best of China. More information about the famous Chinese restaurant in the city (use googletrad)

Fun in Beijing

Living and studying in China offers you an opportunity to have a great time in this historical country, whether in the evening, on weekends or during holidays.

Beijing Campus and local companies

The economic growth in China offers countless career opportunities in the world of Computer Science for all specializations

The proximity of the Computer Science University with business creates positive synergies for students. The regular meet-ups and conferences are organized on campus with industry professionals

Student-enterprise meetings (SUPINFO Job Forum) create an annual exchange platform between students and companies wishing to find students with technical and managerial skills.

Beijing, the capital of China where international companies settle here as first priority; whether SMEs or large groups. Many SUPINFO graduates found their place in the IT sector in this cosmopolitan city.

Testimony of Chinese enterprises

The quality of SUPINFO training is recognized and appreciated by the French companies in China. We even developed some IT tools thanks to the competence of the students. We are delighted to be a privileged partner of SUPINFO in China.

Carine LEBECQUE, Beijing Branch Director, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China

We have worked with several SUPINFO students as interns since the past years. They convinced us with their motivation, professional and communication skills. Some of them became AirBus worldwide employees in China and in France. SUPINFO's teaching is company-oriented and we are really happy to work with such a school.

Wu Wei, Information System Manager, AirBus China

Student testimony on Beijing Campus

At first I was a student at Hebei University. As currently there is a partnership program between SUPINFO and this university, I also became a student at SUPINFO after passing the English exam.

SUPINFO students can learn the technology and the French language at the same time, it's great, and especially for those who really like French. As Chinese students don’t understand very well French, courses are taught in English by French teachers from SUPINFO. In SUPINFO courses, we can learn all the computer technology, e.g. networking, programming, system database, law or management ... etc. Besides, there are also courses in French for Chinese students.

To apply the technologies that we have learned, two courses and two projects are required each year. It is very interesting for our skills and experiences.

Cai LIWEI M.Sc.2. student

Graduation ceremony

Every year SUPINFO China award the students their diploma, rewarding their efforts and works

The ceremony took place in the heart of Beijing last July, in the exceptional presence of the official delegation of HEBUT - our main partner in Tianjin, as well as the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China .
You will find some photos of this ceremony on our website album and more about SUPINFO China.

Graduation Ceremony 2012.

Sign of Success in Beijing

Fabien LOUDET, SUPINFO 2010 : " I met the director of Auralog China subsidiary during a Social Networking event. These meetings are very popular in big Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, allowing expatriates looking for jobs and recruiting companies to get in touch. This is how I got my final internship, with promise of being hired after.

I started as a System Engineer with a limited responsibility for Chinese infrastructure. Today I still work for Auralog, but my role has evolved considerably. I was entrusted with the leadership of the local Helpdesk team, my System Engineer function was extended to French and American sites, and I now act as technical referent for all aspects of Linux, Scripting and Supervision. So I work on a daily basis in collaboration with people speaking different languages and from different cultures. It is very enriching. "

You can also read the full interview about his IT study.

Others campuses near Beijing

Located in Tianjin city, the second moast popular city in the north of China, SUPINFO Tianjin Campus welcom students since 2003.

In Project
SUPINFO will extend its presence in Asia with a new campus in Hong Kong. In this commercial and financial center of the world. Our students will be able to integrate themselves in Chinese culture while following our entire curriculum.

SUPINFO Paris Campus is located on the 40th floor of the Montparnasse Tower in the heart of Paris in a particularly young and dynamic neighborhood. Its strong presence in the Ile-de-France region offers thousands of career opportunities in the fields of IT and digital technology for all specializations

SUPINFO Virtual Campus
In addition to the 36 Campus located around the world, SUPINFO International University provides also Virtual Campus.
The Virtual Campus allows students wishing to become a graduate in Computer Science with SUPINFO, follow the same courses which are taught in physical campus, but from home, and pass their exams at the end of the year.

Why International ?

SUPINFO International University offers its students a high mobility allowing them each year to continue their studies with the same program on a different campus. In addition to the campuses in France, SUPINFO offers many International campuses in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Beijing campus

At what level of study we can come to China?

Experience shows that from B3, you can enjoy the experience of mobility. It’s batter that you pass B1 and B2 in your home country in order to acquire a solid base and a good personal working method before going abroad.

Can we come to China for one semester ?

In MSc2, yes, because you can study for 6 months then do the internship studies in another country of your choice. For B.Sc and MSc1, if you come, it's for a full year because the academic year is a little different due to the constraints of local administration. China is so different; one semester is a little short to properly explore the country.

How to get a visa?

SUPINFO and its partners provide you all the necessary documents for your visa application in the consular or visa center of the Chinese embassy in your country.

Is there any mandatory vaccine required to go to China?

No, no mandatory vaccines. However, the vaccine anti hepatitis A and B are recommended. You can consult your doctor about it.

Do I need an insurance for China?

Yes, medical cost in the private and international hospitals is very expensive. You need to subscribe to insurance for studying abroad on top of your basic student social security.

Can SUPINFO help us to find an accommodation?

Yes, for Tianjin campus, our partner provides university accommodation. For Beijing, we will guide you to find your own accommodation via the specialized websites or Anglophone agencies.

Can we go to SUPINFO China after another school in parallel admission?

SUPINFO China is in partnership with Chinese Universities and it works a little different from SUPINFO schools in France. To better adapt to the SUPINFO Pedagogy, it is better to study one year in one of the SUPINFO campuses before going to China.

Can we benefit the CROUS scholarship by going to China?

Yes, you go to china but you are still registered at SUPINFO Paris.

What are the admission conditions for China?

Three conditions: personal motivation, English level, school result. You need to be motivated to go to China because China is very different from the western world, especially the cultural shock. You need to have a good capacity of self-management and self-learning, 80% of credit need to be obtained from the previous years.

Do I have to speak Chinese?

It is not mandatory, but we recommend you to learn basic Chinese by yourself before leaving. You can also participate in the Summer School in Beijing where you can learn Chinese and better prepare your integration.


* SUPINFO International University is an international institution with headquarters in Brussels and operates campuses in France and around the world alone or in partnership with a network of approved local institutions. For its campuses in France, including SUPINFO International University operates in partnership with the French institution "Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique de Paris" (Paris SUPINFO) which is recognized by the French State to private higher education institution issuing a listed by the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP) in the National Register of Professionelles Certification (NCPR) and therefore recognized by the French state at the highest level, level I (Bac +5, engineer, Master).

Unlike the rest of the world, the use in France of "Master", "M1", "M2", even in an international name as "Master of Science" may be regulated as the practice of "bachelor "," License "," Master "and" PhD ". Consequently, and as a precaution, SUPINFO International University makes it clear here, even in the absence of any French law currently being implemented in this regard, here uses the term "Master" regarding its identity and its international position strengthened by the existence of its campus outside of France, and due to its ability of delivering outside France alone or in partnership with foreign institutions the title of "Master of Science".

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