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The Success Points reward the success in SUPINFO International University

To develop and promote excellence in SUPINFO International University, regardless of the followed curriculum, a rating system of students academic result or remarkable actions was designed.

These are the SUPINFO Success Points which lead to a special account " Success Points " convertable at request in training products or exceptional items in success shop, "SUPINFO Success Store " .

Event of Success

SUPINFO Race of Success First Edition

Students who have acquired sufficient Success Points during their studies in the University were able to enjoy an unforgettable day of team building! Gathered on the prestigious F1 Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium, they were able to drive different supersport cars and be driven by professional drivers.

The day ended with a dinner in a restaurant in the Belgian capital, a lyrical singer accompanied the meal and a magician for the dessert.

The 2nd edition is planned for 2016, stay tuned! !

How to obtain Success Points?

There are 2 methods to obtain Success Points for any member of SUPINFO International University community with at least the status of Discovery Member.

The first method of obtaining Success Points is linked to academic results (marks) through official assessments of SUPINFO curriculum. Thus, all the points above 10/20 (average) are automatically credited as Success Points on a dedicated account after being multiplied by the number of ECTS credits assigned to the measured subject (which correspond to the coefficient ). For example, a student who scores 17/20 in a subject associated with 3 ECTS credits will have 7x3= 21 Success Points.

The second method to obtain Success Points is through outstanding actions in the community: Organization of special events assessed by Campus Manager, publications of remarkable articles on under the KWS (Knowledge Sharing) - modality SCR (SUPINFO Certified Redactor) of exception projects, etc. The exact conditions for obtaining success points and the number of points will be announced in the second half semester of 2015 school year.

Good news: As part of the launch of Success Points in 2015, the calculation of points awarded to students who are enrolled in a formal course at SUPINFO in the last 5 years is retroactive!

If you are already enrolled in a course and have scored higher than the average over the last 5 years, you probably already have a capital of Success Points reflect your academic performance in previous years.

To check your Success Points, go to Campus Booster, on top right of the window, just under your name, you can check your current balance of Success Points, it is displayed next to your accumulation of ECTS credits. Click this balance will allow you to view the history of all your marks, the corresponding ECTS coefficient and finally, the number of obtained Success Points.

A special option "Success Point" has also been added to "My Space" menu

How to use your Success Points?

Accumulated Success Points goes beyond the simple "high score." The Success Points are intended to be exchanged against multiple services and products: hardware, full or partial reductions in some of our partners, business cards, participation in special events, goodies, etc. There are many more possibilities will be available progressively in our SUPINFO Success Store.

The Success Points can also be used to obtain full or partial reductions of certain costs related to the studies your pursuit at SUPINFO International University, including specialization options. To allow you to benefit immediately from your Success Points for the full implementation of the exchange offer, we opened the possibility of exchanging Success Points vouchers to pass exams. That will allow the M.Sc.2 students using their Success Points they got during their studies to pass their resit at no extra cost (depending on their Success Points balance) for the missing credits to achieve the goal of 300 ECTS credits.

To use your Success Points, send an email to
To order your Resit Voucher please go directly to Campus Booster and Success Points in your account.

SUPINFO Success Store (limited launching offer)

Academic Success

Resit Voucher
Resit Voucher for the subject of previous academic year
650 Success Points

Specialization option at your choice
One specialization option at your choice according to the current courses
1000 Success Points

Participation of Summer School – Mauritius

SUPINFO Mauritius Campus offers a unique stay.
With a contrast of multi colors and tastes, the island is located in a turquoise sea, an oasis of peace and tranquility.
Take the opportunity to boost your English ... at the water's edge.
Stay from August 15 to September 15, 2015
Reserve your place before August 5, 2015
1000 Success Points

Lifestyle Success

Surface Pro 3 - 512Go SSD
  personalized engraved edition "Sign of Success"
2200 Success Points + 300 €uros

iPad Air 2 128Go Wi-Fi
personalized engraved edition "Sign of Success"
1900 Success Points + 200 €uros

Mug "Sign of Success" -  First Edition

Matte Black "velvety" - Limited Editionbr>200 numbered copies
400 Success Points

Mug Sign of Success - First Edition

Transparent mat "velvety" - Limited Edition
200 numbered copies
400 Success Points

black SUPINFO Cufflinks - First Edition

Golden - black enamel - Limited Edition 100 copies
1600 Success Points

Cufflinks SUPINFO Blue - First Edition

Rhodium - blue enamel - Limited Edition 100 copies
1400 Success Points

Polo "Sign of Success" - First Edition

Black - Limited Edition 70 copies
400 Success Points

Polo Sign of Success - First Edition

White - Limited Edition 70 copies
400 Success Points


Black, white print - Limited Edition
70 copies
600 Success Points

SUPINFO hoodie

White, black print - Limited Edition
70 copies
600 Success Points

Swiss knife Sign of Success - First Edition

Limited Edition - 50 copies
500 Success Points

200 personalized business cards
Supplied in resealable box
400 Success Points

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