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The statistics of 2015 graduates  

Every year the higher education computer school SUPINFO launches a survey of the last graduating class. The results allow us to present a faithful picture of the employability of our students to the National Commission of Professional Certification under the conservation of recognition of our diploma Bac +5, Title Expert in Computer Science.

« As in previous years the educational system of SUPINFO International University enables our students to start their professional career in the best way. While we are in a tense and uncertain economic environment, the profiles of our graduates are still very acclaimed by companies.

Half of our graduates have integrated SUPINFO after obtaining their BAC, while the other half came via the parallel admissions. All of them succeed as well. I think it demonstrates the effectiveness of our teaching that fits all student profiles. I also want to emphasize the importance of our pre-return which is available to students entering in parallel admissions to catch any technical gaps and start their academic year without delay.

The second insight I draw from these statistics is the correctness of our academic program that we always wanted multidisciplinary. In our computer school we never wanted to specialize just in one IT area like other schools. It would make no sense to chose one specialization in one aera for the students. Instead the common courses to all our students are general courses. We approach all areas of IT as well as key management area which is essential for the professional career of our future computer engineers.

I will conclude my analysis by addressing the salary levels of our graduates. We compared to the national average salary of young graduates Bac+5 in all sectors. We realize that our graduates earn an average of nearly 8,000 € uros more. Beyond the quality of our students, this also reflects the great dynamism of the IT sector which is still the job carrier .

Finally, I want to speak directly to the 2015 graduates; thank you for everything you've brought to SUPINFO, your school, and all that you continue to provide. You are our finest Sign of Success. »

- Alick MOURIESSE, President of SUPINFO International University

A salary above the national average of Bac+5 graduates

Our students are prepared for the business world including over 2 years professional experience accumulated throughout the 5 year course. It is quite normal that their salery level is much higher than other young graduates at same study level.

A truely international school

SUPINFO International University students are from the 4 continents of the globe. This cultural diversity creates strong bonds between our students. It is also a pragmatic way to prepare them for their future professional careers.

Students with various profiles

The majority of our graduates have joined SUPINFO after obtaining their Bac. Technical school graduates are very well succeeded their higher education since we start from the beginning of all subjects that we address in our curriculum.

A diversity of the business activities…

Our multidisciplinary courses enable our students to have a global vision of IT industry. After graduation, our students are eligible for positions in development, databases, infrastructure, networks, consulting etc.

… in all the economy sectors

SUPINFO opens students to the company with exercises from the problems of  various sectors of the economy. This approach allows them to fit naturally according to their preference in all economic sectors.

A demonstrated job stability

Perfect demonstration of companies confidence for our graduates and the significant dynamism of the IT industry; 86% of them have signed an unlimited long term contract (or international equivalent).

This survey was submitted between April 12 and May 23, 2016 to our 404 graduates, which we received 349 responses in this period.

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