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The International Institute of Information Technologies

SUPINFO International University

Originally SUPINFO International University was the Institute of Information Technology of Paris (ESI), private higher education institution founded in France in 1965. After a significant development in France (the school has become a leader in its field), ESI, also known as SUPINFO, began to grow internationally and particularly opened campuses in China, the UK, Canada, Belgium, Italy and Morocco.

After the creation of its first campus in the US in San Francisco, SUPINFO has adopted a new international legal structure and became "SUPINFO International University" which is the original computer school.
L'école Supérieure d'Informatique, is now called "SUPINFO Institute of Information Technology" which is a division of SUPINFO International University.


SUPINFO Institute Of Information Technology is now a global computer school has its own international network dedicated to information technology. In France, SUPINFO became the first computer school both in terms of number of trained students and in terms of national coverage with over 6,000 students enrolled in 2008. It is one of the few Grandes Ecoles where the information systems is the core subject of the engineering education at the preparation stage. SUPINFO is specialized in general Information Technonogy, it integrates all the specialties in the courses that make up today's IT, such as: software engineering, system and network, artificial intelligence, data analysis, internet and intranet technologies, business intelligence, ERP and multimedia. Moreover, with the request of Development Council (SUPINFO Advisoy Board), and the nature of engineering profession, which is increasingly called on to work abroad or for foreign companies have led SUPINFO to integrate the subject of economic, legal and commercial in the teaching, as well as law, management, communication skills, international management, and quality control alongside computer courses within SUPINFO Management to achieve a International "Master of Science" with its value in the world.

A study in France by TNS Sofres (fr) shows clearly that SUPINFO also has one of the best images for companies with more than 50 employees, becoming the head in terms of spontaneous notoriety. The speech of Eric Boustouller in UNESCO, President of Microsoft France and Vice-President of Microsoft International, Godfather of the class of 2006 SUPINFO has confirmed it.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Computer training offered by SUPINFO is one of the numerous computer training available in France and in the world. Choose initial training is not a neutral act. Also, we strongly suggest you to consult on various curriculums and national diplomas offered by other public or private institutions recognized by the state in order to make your choice, including consultation with curriculum quality that offered by public universities.

Having primarily and resolutely chose to adapt accurately each year the expectations of a very international IT and constantly evolving market, SUPINFO has never requested its diplomas to be approved by the Securities Commission of engineers in France (CTI). Favoring the employability of its alumni, the Development Council of SUPINFO, particularly composed of representatives of the world's largest IT companies, considers that some of the current criteria imposed by the CTI are incompatible with the very specific requirements imposed by the international market of IT service and the industry. To remain competitive, companies recruit directly operational engineers right out of school.

Even with the global economy crisis, SUPINFO still becomes more internationally oriented than ever. Justifying its particular choices favoring employment and the future of its former students, the main mission is to build confidence for students and their families. The global success in business and administration which have been done by former SUPINFO students, and the distinctions they obtained in national or international competitions organized by the industry have showed the relevence of school choices in terms of both contents and methods.

It seems that some confusion may be maintained by third parties and remain in France on the use of the term "engineer" under the legislation. There are lot of debates about the nature of the qualifications awarded by SUPINFO in France and the possible confusion that would be voluntarily maintained by the institution. Therefore it is not rare that these arguments are used to cast aspersions on the international training offered by SUPINFO. To remove any ambiguity about the nature of the qualifications awarded by SUPINFO, it is clearly confirmed that SUPINFO here did not wish to be approved by CTI for the above reasons, the institution does not issue in France the diploma 'graduate engineer', only appellation protected by French law. Similarly, it is stated here that the SUPINFO diploma is not a French National Master degree. However, the diploma BAC +5 delivered by SUPINFO in France and in the world allows indeed former students to occupy the engineering function in French or foreign public or private sectors. It is certified by the French government at the highest level, the level I * (5 years), the same "title of graduate engineer" approved by the CTI. The SUPINFO French diploma is also completed as appropriate for our international students by the diploma "Master of Science *" issued by SUPINFO International University from its headquarters in Brussels or by foreign partner universities including the USA, UK, and China.

Recognized by the French State , Recognized by the French State accepting scholarship students in France, SUPINFO is strongly supported mainly by companies. World leaders in IT industry trust SUPINFO around the world to participate in the rapid development of technology and the growing need for expertise in this sector. In this respect, it has created in France, for all its strategic partners, the first educational laboratories become benchmarks not only for the education world, but also for companies using advanced technologies. Therefore, the Microsoft labs, Cisco, Sun, Oracle, Novell, Apple are hosted in the school , and at all sites with the direct assistance of the industry, this allows all students to participate in their studies, development and dissemination of knowledge around the most widespread technologies.

From now present in the world (Europe - Asia - Africa - Americas) through its own network of SUPINFO schools, it offers the engineering students an unique opportunities to exchange and to gain international experiences on all continents at an affordable cost. in 2008, SUPINFO is presented in 25 cities in France and Freinch overseas territery, 4 cities in China (Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, and Zhenjiang), 1 city in Canada (Montreal), 1 city in the UK (London), 1 city in Belgium (Brussels), one city in Italy (Catania), 1 city in the US (San Francisco) and two cities in Morocco (Casablanca and Rabat), a global presence in 36 cities worldwide.

The school

Date of creation : 1965
Domain : Computer science, networks and security systems, multimedia, Internet and intranet, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, databases, software engineering, communication & international management.
Status : Private higher-education school.
Visa & labels : School recognized by the French State in 1972 ** - International diploma of Computer Science (French title Expert in Computer and Information Systems) certified by the French State Level I * (Bac + 5 , Level Engineer, Master) and therefore registered by ministerial decree on the National Register of Professional Certification in France ( accessible through VAE. - European Master of Science * Diploma issued by SUPINFO International University from the Belgium headquarter in Brussels and Master of Science degree * delivered in partnership with international universities in USA, UK and China.
President : Alick MOURIESSE
Academic Director : Marianne BELIS
Educational Director : Samuel CUELLA
IT Director : Christophe MENET

Public Relations : [email protected]

Some Figures

Number of students : + 10000 (on-campus & open-campus)
Nomber of campus in the le world 2013 : 36
Number of alumni : + 12000
Campuses in France : Alsace, Aquitaine, Auvergne, Bourgogne, Bretagne, Centre, Champagne Ardenne, Île-de-France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrénées, Nord-Pas de Calais, Normandie, PACA, Pays de la Loire, Rhône-Alpes, Océan Indien (Réunion), Caraïbes (Martinique et Guadeloupe)
Campuses in Chine in 3 cities : Beijing, Tianjin et Zhenjiang.
Campuses in Europe and North America : London in the UK, Montreal in Canada, San Francisco in the US, Brussels in Belgium, Trapani and Rome in Italie, Casablanca and Rabat in Maroc.
Virtual campus and Open Campus by e-learning (from distance).

Admission to SUPINFO

First year - Associate of Science 1 - A.Sc. 1 (ex B1) : ): Admission from Terminal level (or international equivalent) on application. Obtaining the required Bac to confirm admission. 1200 places available in France.

Second year - Associate of Science 2 - A.Sc. 2 (ex B2) : BAC+1 (MP, PC, PSI, PT, DEUG, BTS, IUT), on application. 100 places offered in France. 100 places offertes en France.

Third year - Bachelor of Science 1 - B.Sc. 1 (ex B3) : BAC+2 (MP, PC, PSI, PT, DEUG MIAS-MASS-SM obtained, BTS info obtained, DUT info obtainedor or international equivalent) on application. 300 places offered in France.

Fourth year - Master * of Science 1 - M.Sc. 1 (ex M1) : BAC+3 (Licence), on application. 100 places offered in France.

All applications : before the academic year in November - admission fee: free (

In practice

Duration of studies :
Associate of Science - Levels A.Sc. 1 (ex B1) and A.Sc. 2 (ex B2): 2 years after baccalauréat. 3 months internships every year.
Possibility of alternation in company one day a week.
Bachelor of Science – B.Sc. Level 1 (ex B3): 1 year after a Assiociate of Science. Summer Internships 3 months.
Possibility of alternation in company one day a week.
* Master of Science - M.Sc. 1 levels (formerly M1) and 2 M.Sc. (formerly M2): 2 years after bac + 3. 3 months summer internships every year. 6 month internship in the last year. Possibility of alternation in companies two days a week.
Tuition : Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Registration..
Financement : Possibility to have state scholarships CROUS (Regional Centre for University and Social Works), scholarships and bank loans on traning fee. Paid internships during the year (3 months at year-end from level A.Sc. 1 (ex B1) - 2 days per week and more from level 1 B.Sc. (ex B3)). Student Residence, CROUS, student accommodation offered by the school on international sites.
Accommodation : Student Residence, CROUS, student accommodation offered by the school on international sites.


SUPINFO program is the same on all sites in France and in the world (with some adjustments in China), it is possible to follow the study at a different site every year while pursuing the same course. . The mobility during the year is also possible and students can go weeks or months at an abroad site to follow the same course and take exams. For all students, English is mandatory. It is compulsory to pass TOEIC and TOEFL for studying abroad.

Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese are optional for all students. Courses in China has the possibility to have double degree through SUPINFO China school network in partnership with major Chinese public Universities.

Courses are available in the UK with partner university in England (SUPINFO UK in London or in Oxford in partnership with the State University Oxford Brookes University) with the obtaintion of a double degree - Recognized by the British Computer Society.

USA (SUPINFO USA in San Francisco)
Canada (SUPINFO Canada à Montréal)
Belgium (SUPINFO Belgium in Brussels)
Italy (SUPINFO Italy in Trapani and Rome)
Marocco (SUPINFO Maroc in Casablanca and Rabat)
Mauritius (SUPINFO Mauritius Island).

Teaching Methods

Several computer centers equipped with powerful servers HP, SUN, DELL, APPLE, IBM. High speed network with optic fiber 100Mbps dedicated to the students. Personal storage space, internet network gigabit + secured wireless network WiFi 802.11g available at all school sites.

All SUPINFO students can equip a laptop (Dell or Apple) at a preferential rate, with wireless access to the school network through partnerships with the IT industry.

E-learning portal named "Open Campus" with multilingual application of digital campus "Campus-Booster" designed and deployed by SUPINFO allowing students access 24h / 24 and 7/7 with the planning, all support courses, online courses, marks, events, teaching, corporate partners, alumni ... etc.

Possible to attend all distance courses from home via a broadband internet connection (ADSL, cable ...) VPN (private network) connecting ALL SUPINFO schools together, even in the USA, China, the Caribbean, the UK, Canada, Belgium, Morocco, Italy and in the Indian Ocean.

All teachers use a Tablet PC in class which replaces the board and can be broadcasted by videoconference over IP on the Internet for all the worldwide school sites.

*"Certification on CNCP website "Decree on 16 February 2006 published in the Official Journal on 5 March 2006 concerning the registration in the national directory of professional certifications. Registration for five years, with effect from 5 March 2006 until March 5, 2011. Decree of 31 August 2011 published in the Official Journal on 7 September 2011 on recording in the national directory of professional certifications. Registration for five years at Level I, entitled "Expert in computer and information systems" with effect from 5 March 2011 until September 7, 2016.

** The 1972 decree for the recognition by the French State of the institution can be downloaded from the website LegiFrance.

*** SUPINFO International University is an international institution headquartered in Brussels and operates its campuses in France in partnership with the Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique de Paris (SUPINFO Paris) private higher educational institution recognized by the French State, delivering a diploma approved by the State at level 1 (registration in RNCP - Bac + 5 Master engineer).

The term “Master”, “M1”, “M2”, even an international name as “Master of Science” maybe regulated as the terms already used “Bachelor”, “license”, “Master” and “Doctor”. Consequently, as a precaution measure, SUPINFO International University clearly precise here, even in absence of any French law currently being implemented in this regard, the term “Master” used by SUPINFO is under its identity and international position reinforced by the existence of its campus outside France and in view of its autherization to deliver the diploma “Master of Science” outside France alone or in partnership with foreign institutions.

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