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Respect of Privacy Policy

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The Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique (Paris Academy of Computer Science) known as "SUPINFO" or "The International Institute of Information Technology" like all its sites and its subsidiaries including its teaching laboratories - is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. SUPINFO draws your attention to its concrete polices and actions in this field, as to the decisions which you can make concerning the collection of online information about yourself and with the consequent use of this information. The SUPINFO Internet sites are generally conceived to enable you to consult them without having to identify yourself nor reveal any personal information. You can consult the possibilities offered via our home page as well as via the bottom of each page of the SUPINFO sites. SUPINFO has also taken care to make sure that its privacy provisions conform to existing legislation and in particular to the directives of the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté - National Commission on Computer technology and Freedom).


In the event of an update of the terms of this SUPINFO privacy policy, we will inform you via this Internet page of any modifications which are made there and will change the date of the revised document, so that you will always be informed of the nature of the information collected on line, their use and the possibilities which are reserved to you. We therefore invite you to consult this page regularly.

1. Sites concerned with the privacy policy

This present policy is valid for all the Websites and domains managed by SUPINFO, its regional and international sites or all its subsidiary companies including the sites of the teaching laboratories of SUPINFO.

Links towards the Web sites other than those of SUPINFO

The Web sites of SUPINFO can propose links towards third party sites judged to be of an interest for their visitors. By using these links, you leave the SUPINFO website. SUPINFO does not exert any control over these sites or their specific actions as regards respect of personal privacy, which can be different from those implemented by SUPINFO. We decline any responsibility as to the contents of third party websites. Personal information that you choose to provide to third parties is not covered by the SUPINFO privacy policy. Before communicating personal information to any third party, we suggest that you inform yourself of their personal privacy policies. Certain companies or third parties choose to share personal information in their possession with SUPINFO; this sharing of information is covered by the third parties’ privacy policies.

2. Types of information collected

The present privacy policy relates to personal information, the collection of non-personal data and general follow-up.

  • Personal Information

“Personal information” is information associated with your name or identity. SUPINFO uses this information in order to better determine your needs and interests and to provide you with better service: once you choose to provide us with personal information, you have the assurance that it will be used exclusively within the framework of the relationship that you maintain with SUPINFO, its sites or its subsidiary companies. We respect your trust. SUPINFO is committed to never communicating your personal information to a third party except if obligated by a court decision.

On certain SUPINFO Websites, you have the possibility of ordering products or services, of asking for information and of subscribing to services concerned with information, advertising and commercial or technical support. You may also create an account for yourself or register your products and SUPINFO services, and apply for entry to SUPINFO. Personal information that you are likely to communicate to us is as follows: name, addresses, telephone number, electronic addresses, identifiers and user passwords, account number, bank card number, preferred modes of communication, training and professional experience and centres of personal and professional interest.

In order to adapt our Web sites, our services and the information that we communicate to you, we may ask for information concerning your centres of personal or professional interest, your status as well as the experience which you have concerning certain products or services. You are under no obligation to communicate this additional information to us.

SUPINFO also offers an online file service concerning students, parents or legal guardians, professors, alumni, employees, company partners, administrations, suppliers and more generally their contacts and resources through the "Campus-Booster" portal. When you use this service, it is you who specifies your personal and professional co-ordinates and defines the public or private character of each element on a purely individual basis. Information which is considered as public is accessible to any person authorized to connect to the "Campus-Booster" portal and who wishes to consult your file. 

  • Non-personal information

    “Non-personal information” is data concerning the use and operation of services which are not associated to any particular identity. SUPINFO collects and analyzes non-personal information in order to know some more about the way in which the Websites of SUPINFO are used by their visitors.  

    Among the non-personal data collected, are the pages visited on the SUPINFO Web sites, the URL1 used on the SUPINFO sites, the type of navigator used and IP addresses2. The majority of the non-personal data are collected via cookies or other analytical technologies. The Web pages of the SUPINFO sites can use cookies, Web tags as well as other analytical technologies of personalized data and services. SUPINFO can place advertising on some of its sites or information on other Websites likely to use cookies.

3. Children’ private life

SUPINFO affirms its engagement in favor of the protection of the private life of children and invites parents and other people to take care of the children placed under their care in their use of the Web. Any collection of information by SUPINFO concerning children of less than 13 years or less than 18 years would be involuntary and the SUPINFO Websites, generally, are not intended for children of less than 13 years or less than 18 years without parental control.

4. Use of Information

SUPINFO uses your personal information in order to provide adapted services and to better determine your needs and centres of interest. We especially use your information to help you communicate with us, to bring you services and support, to inform you about our courses, products and services and the best way of profiting from, of personalizing and of adapting certain SUPINFO Websites. We also use this information to contact you within the framework of market research on SUPINFO. We also give you the possibility of not receiving this kind of information. Information relating to bank cards is only used within the framework of a payment or in the prevention of fraudulent uses. Confidential personal information is collected only with the aim of facilitating the decision-making by our suppliers of financial services and banks, and information is never divulged to them without your permission.

The personal data collected online can also be part of information which you have provided to SUPINFO on other occasions, for example, at the time of your inscription to a course of initial training or continuing education, or when you have contacted the SUPINFO reception desk, or while communicating with SUPINFO by any means at your disposal, whether by mail, fax, e-mail, forum or while taking part in trade exhibitions or professional seminars organized by SUPINFO.  

The personal data entrusted to SUPINFO can be transmitted to entities located in other countries in order to consolidate and store data, as well as to simplify the management of information in SUPINFO’s possession.  

The non-personal data are analysed in order to inform us about the use, the performance and the effectiveness of the SUPINFO Websites. They can be treated by third-party suppliers and they make it possible to improve our knowledge of the visitors to SUPINFO sites, as well as to improve the user-friendliness and content.

5. Sharing of Information

SUPINFO is committed to not communicating your personal information to third parties, except upon specific request by you for information on their products or services. Your authorization will be requested when you first provide information about yourself. SUPINFO communicates its customer information to the various branches of SUPINFO, its sites to companies acting in its name, but only under the conditions described above.

SUPINFO collaborates with suppliers of services and materials in order to guarantee the products, services and customer solutions described to you previously. The suppliers are obligated to respect the confidentiality of the information received in the name of SUPINFO and cannot, in any case, use it for any purposes other than the execution of services for SUPINFO. We reserve the right to change suppliers or to collaborate with additional suppliers in order to better serve our visitors, students, their parents or guardians, our professors, our trainees, our employees, our suppliers and partners. SUPINFO is committed to sharing personal information with no third party without your authorization, except in the event of a court decision.  

SUPINFO, its sites, subsidiary companies and its entities can amalgamate with any other administrative, associative or commercial entity or undergo the acquisition in whole or in part of its property by an administrative organism, an associate or a third party. In the case of such a fusion or acquisition, SUPINFO is committed to doing its best to inform you of the sharing, in whole or in part, of personal information concerning you with a third party in order to continue to best serve your interests.

6. Your Choices

SUPINFO gives you the possibility of receiving various information in addition to its products and services. You can be registered to receive information specific to certain products and services as well as more general information relating to SUPINFO, its sites or its subsidiary companies. The general information communicated by SUPINFO relates to the new training courses, new products or services, special offers or the participation in events such as open days or conferences or seminars and trade exhibitions or to taking part in market research. We offer you the choice for the reception of this general information: mail, e-mail or telephone. We will always try to abide by your choice. You should know, however, that this choice does not relate to communications concerning the validation of inscriptions, contracts, technical support, warnings relating to safety, the respecting of the rules in force or the communication of examination results.  

7. Preferences and refusal possibilities

Services not subject to inscription

SUPINFO is committed to not using your personal information for uses other than those indicated at the moment you provided them. Your data thus will not be used automatically to send notifications of special offers to you, or for information training program dates, nor for the commercial advertising of products and services. You nevertheless have the possibility of receiving these types of information without a preliminary inscription.

You can, at any moment, indicate your preferences by writing to SUPINFO Paris - Tour Maine Montparnasse - 40ème étage - 33 avenue du Maine - 75015 Paris or to, by specifying your name, electronic address and postal address postal in any correspondence.

Services with inscription

To end reception of information previously explicitly requested (electronic newsletters, software updates, information on SUPINFO events etc), proceed in one of the following ways:

  • Select the link designed to allow you to send an electronic mail refusal or subscription annulment or follow the instructions for unsubscribing which are indicated in each inscription communication of SUPINFO.
  • Reopen the Web pages in which you recorded your preferences and follow the instructions for ending your subscription as specified by SUPINFO.
  • Write to SUPINFO Paris - Tour Maine Montparnasse - 40ème étage - 33 avenue du Maine - 75015 PARIS or to, specifying your name, electronic and postal addresses in all correspondence and any relevant information relating to the inscriptions recorded at SUPINFO.

8. Information and Third Parties

Certain services of SUPINFO are related to those of third-parties (companies, partners or suppliers) and the possibility exists for the sharing between SUPINFO and these companies of the personal data which you have communicated to us. In exchange, you may benefit from, for example: the recording of software products resulting from various suppliers starting from the same Web page of SUPINFO, possible right to information from trade partners or operational of SUPINFO, or validation of an order via a retail partner of SUPINFO (SUPINFO Store for example). Except in the case of explicit orders on your part, we commit ourselves to not communicating your personal information with these third companies before you have had access to their offer and have decided not to respond to it.

9. Rights to access and update information

he exactitude of information concerning you is a true concern for SUPINFO. It is with the aim of having exact data that we have set up, within “Campus Booster” that we are using, a technology, processes of management and policies. You have a right to access all information concerning you, including that which is online, as well as the right to correct this information. In order to respect your private life and your safety, we also commit ourselves to taking the necessary measures to check your identity before granting access to your data, in particular by means of user identification and password. Thus, the access to certain parts of the SUPINFO Websites can be reserved to certain people using passwords and other personal identifiers.

The best means of posting and of modifying your personal information consists in reopening the Web page in which you first entered it, and to follow the instructions provided by this Webpage, or to use your "Campus-Booster" account if you have one. If you do not yet have a "Campus-Booster" account, do not hesitate to ask for one directly by writing SUPINFO Paris - Tour Maine Montparnasse - 40ème étage - 33 avenue du Maine - 75015 Paris or by sending an e-mail to, specifying your name, electronic and postal addresses and including the object of your request in all correspondence.

10. Information safety

SUPINFO is committed to protecting information that you communicate to it. In order to avoid any unauthorized access or diffusion of information, and in order to rectify the data and to ensure the correct usage of this information, SUPINFO has set up physical, electronic and human procedures aimed at making the information collected secure.  

At the moment of the collection or transfer of confidential data such as the bank cards numbers or the communication of strategic passwords, we have recourse to the SSL encoding protocol. This method has been specifically conceived to make information unreadable to everyone, except those at SUPINFO. You can confirm that this safety measure has been activated when a symbol representing a key or a closed lock (according to the navigator used) appears at the bottom of the window of your navigator.

The bank cards numbers are used only for the payments and are not kept for other uses. To manage the payment in real time, SUPINFO also makes use of a protection service against fraudulent uses via its financial partners and banks. This service guarantees, for both you and SUPINFO, an increased protection against the fraudulent use of bank cards and your financial co-ordinates.

11. Contacting us

our opinion is important to us. If you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please address them to SUPINFO Schools you want ( or to specifying your name, electronic and postal addresses in all correspondence.

1A URL represents the address of the documents and other resources used on the Web. For example, is the URL of the home page of the SUPINFO site for France. 

2An IP address is the identifier of a computer or a peripheral on a TCP/IP network such as the Web. The networks use TCP/IP protocol to convey information according to IP address of the destination. In other words, an IP address is an automatically affected number with your computer each time you use the Web, which makes it possible for Web servers to locate and identify your computer. The communication, the consultation and the purchase on Internet are impossible without IP addresses.

Revision : may, 14th 2007

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