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SUPINFO Open Campus

SUPINFO Open Campus

Do you want to stay constantly up to date on all technologies and access to the best courses and books ?
Do you want to obtain an additional recognized degree in computer and management?
Do you want to raise your career with an additional certification of the biggest names in the industry?
Do you want to better prepare you future studies or your future job by starting immediately to gain more knowledge and skills?
Do you want to complete your current training with a customized course?
Do you want to do all these together, or you want to study while working or continue to study in a university or other educational institutions?
SUPINFO International University, leader in France in the IT engineering training, brings you to the IT world today by becoming an advanced member of Open Campus.

The Open Campus offer

Registration for an open online or distance course for 40 Euros/month, SUPINFO Open Campus allows you to become an advanced member of our institution with 100% access to resources and tools of SUPINFO International University from home simply with a computer and internet connection. You can improve your knowledge and competence every day in numerous of subjects and prepare the official diplomas and certificates.

SUPINFO courses are available 24h/24h, 7d/7d

All the courses of SUPINFO International University are now available on line. This is not only for the courses of A.Sc. 1 (ex B1), A.Sc.2 (ex B2), B.Sc. 1 (ex B3), M.Sc. 1 (ex M1), M.Sc.2 (ex M2), but also for all our Specialized Master of Science and Bachelor of Science which are organized by our foreign University in partnership, as well as for the VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience).

Conference and discussions with our professors and experts

Apart from the contents available at any time on Open Campus, from April 2011 SUPINFO organizes weekly conference and live courses taught by teachers via our live training platform online Cisco Webex. Students can ask questions directly to teachers and experts and get answers and explanations immediately.

Self-evaluation, exercises and trainings of exams and certificates

Self-assessment tools, training of official certification exams of our partners (Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, etc) are available 24/24 and 7/7

English course with personalized daily coaching.

A personalized daily English coaching allows you to practice your English regularly. Our courses adapt to all levels, even advanced level. It allows students to make efficient and rapid progress in vocabulary, comprehension, grammar and it is an excellent tool to train and prepare the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) tool.

Open Campus tools

SUPINFO International University, higher education of information technology, makes innovative online tools available to all its students for learning throughout their curriculum. Students can study from home whenever they want.

Study what you want

SUPINFO Open Campus offers a full and unlimited access to thousands of educational resources (courses, videos, books, etc.), covering all areas of IT, digital and management. You can study the course you want in addition to the courses on SUPINFO Campus.

When you want

All these resources are available online, via Open Campus platform and our partners. They are accessible 24/24 and 7/7.

Where you want

It is enough just to have internet connection to access our Open Campus. You go to a place where you don’t have internet connection?
A big part of our resource is available to download. You can download them before your departure and benefit later on.
Enjoy the educational privileges, including the access to the best libraries.

Get other educational benefits, including the access to the best online libraries and more

Cisco NetAcad

Go on line to Cisco courses, world leader of network technology, and perfect in networking field at your own pace.


Thousands of videos about the latest software, IT technologies and management are available through, covering the entire SUPINFO curriculum and even more.

Editions ENI

ENI edition, publisher of computer books, makes its entire collection available to SUPINFO International University students with unlimited access.


Enjoy the benefits reserved to the community members of SUPINFO such as accessing VMware licences (VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion), and a large choice of e-learning VMware courses.

Offres DELL

DELL and SUPINFO team up and offer student deals at great prices!

Microsoft Campus Program

Enter the student community of Microsoft and get access to online learning tools, as well as the free downloads of the latest Microsoft software.


JetBrains offers SUPINFO students powerful IDE, adapted to different programming languages to enhance development productivity and stay focused on code design and the big picture!

SUPINFO additional offers

The SUPINFO Open Campus tools are automatically included in the SUPINFO International Degree offers, which offers you the opportunity to become an IT expert recognized in two, three, four or five years, and validate your training with a diploma recognized by the French State.

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