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SUPINFO Passport for Success

Passport for Success

A new feature is available to all SUPINFO students from 2016-2017

The principle of Passport for Success is an unique offer with no extra cost to better support students toward success in their studies and their successful career, it’s mainly based on 3 strong mutual commitments between SUPINFO International University and each student.

Pedagogical mutual commitment
to ensure success in studies

The Passport for Success will be awarded to all SUPINFO students from 2016-2017 in addition to the student card.
It will identify particular stages of the academic year, the popular Campus, obtained the certifications, specializations and followed the visited companies.

An individualized monitoring education and personalized support to ensure success in studies, the acquisition of more professional skills with one specialization option every year and finally obtain the diploma Master of Science (Bac + 5) in optimum time.

In exchange of the commitment of all students who do their best to succeed in the knowledge and skills passed by SUPINFO International University (attendance, compliance with the regulation and pedagogical principles in particular), the school will follow every student individually and regularly to « coach » and encourage them to succeed and, bring pedagogical support and advice to the progression if necessary..

The idea is to intervene as early as possible in case of difficulty to allow students to fill any gaps and to ensure the obtaintion of ECTS credits to obtain their degree.

This monitoring system will be strengthened with the second version of Campus-Booster (Intranet members of SUPINFO International University Community) which will allow students to have a permenent overview of each subject during their study, the opportunity to evaluate the course content and the teacher or SCTSUPINFO Certified Trainer, for example students who are velidated technically and pedagogically can deliver courses to other students. and they can even help to engage in an effective teacher support process.

Exemples de jauges de suivi d’un campus et d’une matière et de son formateur.

On the side of SAD (SUPINFO Academic Department), the Campus-Managers and their teams, Full-Professors, teachers and SCTSUPINFO Certified Trainer, students who are pedagogically and technically validated can deliver courses to other students for example. , SCRSUPINFO Certified Redactor, pedagogically validated students can write articles on technical subjects for example., SCSSUPINFO Certified Supporter, pedagogically validated students can support and coach other students for example., SCESUPINFO Certified Examinator, these students are pedagogically and technically validated can evaluate other lower classes students. will evaluate the performance of their subjects and teachers, and better evaluate all with a goal of progress over the years.

In case of dropout or anomaly, either from a student, a subject, a teacher, SCT or other actor in the SUPINFO pedagogical life, the new platform (some modules are already in test phase currently) will launch alerts, and corrective action procedures will be initiated immediately ((meet concerned individuals, set up a support plan, etc.). The only purpose is to help students succeed, the involvement of the family in the support may be engaged by a positive information aiming to transmit the diagnosis of possible obstacle to overcome and share solutions to achieve it. With this device it is the process of transmission of SUPINFO knowledge who better supported, will quickly improve to benefit all.

Finally, to boost the acquisition of skills compatible with the expectations of each student while increasing his chances to earn 60 credits in the year,all SUPINFO student will now be able, if wish, to choose one specialization option every year among proposed subject without extra charge. . To summarize, a specialization option will now be available to all students who wish to subscribe through annual nominative voucher which will be issued and may used for this purpose.

Mutual commitment to ensure the placement in companies
and guarantee employment after obtaining the Master of Science (Bac+5)

With over 50 years of experience, based on the relevance of pedagogical program and the available statistics, SUPINFO International University is so reliable to lead students toward success and employment after the Master of Science (Bac+5 ), it’s now ready to guarantee the placement in companies to all graduates with minimum delay. The legal conditions of this guarantee are still being drafted and will be available before the next school year. However this will be primarily based on employment accompany to bridge a relationship between graduates and companies with monitoring and coaching to ensure the first recruitment, if the graduate cannot easily manage to get the first job, SUPINFO will intervien to facilitate the placement in companies.

A new platform is under development and will be available from 2016-2017 school year to ensure a permanent and almost immediate link between students and companies, offer internships and jobs with selections based on competency profiles and the wishes of students and companies. The ongoing adaptation of studies are based on the expectations of companies.

Mutual commitment to boost career
with personalized coaching in the first 3 years employment

SUPINFO with more than 50 years experience and the feedback from companies show that the employment of the first 3 years are critical to the success in early career of young graduates. The idea here is to consider that the mission of SUPINFO International University should not stop after the transmission of knowledge during initial training till the issuance of a diploma.
SUPINFO will also accompany all graduates in the first 3 years employment with tracking and personalized coaching. It is on the one hand to check the professional insertion goes on the best conditions, on the other hand to propose free additional technical and managerial training according to their needs or requirements imposed by the missions in the company.

Every year and during the 3 years following the graduation of Master of Science, all SUPINFO graduates may choose either alone or with his company, to receive free on site or from distance, a training in IT or management from the catalog of Learning Tree International France, now part of the SUPINFO Group.

Mutual financial commitment to make the studies accessible
proposed under certain conditions

These three fundamental mutual commitments are under certain conditions, new students who are admitted in 2016-2017 1st year (A.Sc.1) may also choose to subscribe to a fourth mutual commitment, the financial commitment. Students will pay a reduced amount of tuition during the 5 year study and will continue to pay the rest of the full tuition fee monthly during three years after obtaining the Master of Science degree.

During the 3 years after obtaining the Master of Science, SUPINFO continue to provide career tracking service, placement in companies and the choice of professional training (one training from Learning Tree annually) or the 3rd cycle (preparation of an MBA), according to the expectations of young graduates or the company.
In any cases, the total cost of 5 year study will be the same, which is 5x6100 = euros 30500 euros.

Towards a new model that is more accurate
The access to higher education in SUPINFO International University

This financial commitment is the 4th commitment which will give students more financial autonom. Students will pay the big part of the tuition during the first 3 years of emplyment.

The idea is to consider that if a student is admitted to SUPINFO who works hard and seriously to meet the proposed education and succeed in the courses, then SUPINFO will also be engaged, without additional charge, not only on the relevance of the course contents, but also emplyment, the monitoring of early career and possible additional training and financial support allowing the student to complete the study before the first job, financially more responsible, more autonomous and independent from his family, banks or other education funding methods (professional contract, loans, grants, etc.).

The 4th commitment is available for all students entering A.Sc.1 for 2016-17 school year on all SUPINFO International University European Campus.

Independent Admissions procedure for Post-Bac admissions(APB).
Candidates for SUPINFO International register only on our dedicated platform.

You want to receive additional informatoin and be contacted by one of our campus manager? You can just fill out this form!

Your questions, our answers

Many of you ask questions about the Passport for Success through email, phone calls, and during Live Studyrama etc.

We have compile your questions and provide the most accurate response every time. Of course we remain at your disposal if you have other questions (the video is in french).

Why set up this commitment, it is original...

Since 1965, SUPINFO International University is committed to the Community for more than 50 years. This strong commitment has been proved by the successful career of over 13,000 IT engineers. SIMMONCINI include Marc (1984 SUPINFO founder of Meetic), Tristan NITOT (1989 SUPINFO founder of Mozilla Europe), Christophe Job (1988 SUPINFO Vice President of Oracle), Nathalie Andrieux (1988 SUPINFO member of the National Digital Council) etc.

We all found that Schools play less and less the role in social ladder. Beyond any political ideology, we designed a system that tuition would not be a barrier at all to enter the university. We may have found a balance between studies at school and in companies with an alternating rhythm which has been requeired by our partner companies. We have implemented an extremely rich and sharp curriculum, first during the years of study at SUPINFO and then during the first years of employment after graduation Bac+5. All this constitutes the Passport for success and it is our solution to repair the social ladder in France at our level of private higher educational institution.

You said that we will have a guaranteed job, how?

The notion of guaranteed employment is a new system!

We can commit in this point because we believe that our courses meet the needs of companies. We work with IT industry leaders, as well as more than 500 companies, who come on our campus at least twice a year to recruit students throughout the French territory.Every year we receive more than 9000 employment offers, it’s almost 10 times more than the number of our annual graduates.

Our Campus Manager will help you to prepare your prefessional integration as soon as you enter SUPINFO; help and advice on resume writing, optimizing your presence on professional social networks, strengthening your knowledge transfer to skills (written and / or oral)...

If our professional situation change, if we do not find jobs or we lose our jobs, how do you proceed?

During 3 years after obtaining your Master of Science (+5),during the 3rd cycle, you will be still in the frame of Passport for Success, to take advantage of the resources provided by your SUPINFO International University for your placement in companies. Specifically you will always have access to jobs in our internal portal, and you can always ask our Campus Manager in your research.

The Passport for Success is a commitment of 8 years of study? What subjects are concerned?

The Passport for Success is actually a commitment over a period of 8 years.
The Passport for Success is indeed a commitment over a period of 8 years. However it is not 8 years of comprehensive studies. The first 5 years the student is alternating between SUPINFO and businesses. Then the last 3 years the graduate will be hired full time in a company.
Students will take courses to prepare MBA for thirty hours a year, and short professional training in partnership with Learning Tree International. Students can choose the dates by himself. This does not require students to return to school.

The Passport for Success contains the general curriculum of SUPINFO, therefore covers all aspects of IT without distinction.

What is the difference between the curriculum that you offer and the one that already exists? The final diploma will remain a BAC+5 right?

The Passport for Success is a new method based on the existing courses corpus. So it takes all existing multidisciplinary curriculum and reinforces it with specific educational content that student choose with specialization options which are included in this method.
The ultimate goal of Passport for success, beyond obtaining the Bac + 5, is the integration of young graduates into the professional world and to ensure an early career in the best conditions.

I do not understand the proposed specializations: how many do you have, do we have to choose one or can we choose two?

Under the Passport for Success, each student can choose a free option specialization every year during the five year study. The student may choose a second option of specialization in the year but it is not included in the tuition.

For the academic year 2015-16 we offer 18 specialization options that you can find on this page..

I saw the offer Alternation. Is it possible to do it from the first year or do we have to wait a bit to make some progress in the curriculum in order to do it?

At SUPINFO we believe that professionalization is primary for academic success, especially for the integration in the labor market after obtaining the BAC +5.
From your 1st year you are encouraged to start part-time alternating in companies one day per week for 3 months.

How many students do you have and how much is the tuition fee in your school?

We have more than 10,000 students in including 4,500 students follow a diploma course on one of our campus.

About tuition, a classic study year costs 6100 euros, and for studies with Passport for Success everything is stated above with the summary diagram.

Graduates since 1965
Campus In the world
internships and jobs offer
IT study from the 1st year

*Reserved to nationals of the European Community residents in Europe. The special conditions and tariffs for this offer are published in our Registration Terms and Conditions at

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