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SUPINFO wins gold in the French finals of the Imagine Cup competition

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SUPINFO wins gold
in the French final of the Imagine Cup competition organised by Microsoft

Two teams of students from ESI (l’Ecole Superieure d’Informatique), leader in France have qualified for and will participate in the international finals. SUPINFO champions today received a new gold medal in the category "Development of Video Games" after winning the first place in the "Software Creation" section. At the "IT Olympic Games" which will be held from 3 to 8 July, SUPINFO is the school with the greatest number of participants in the international finals.

Paris 5 June 2008 – Paris 5 June 2008 - At the world finals to be held at UNESCO from 3 to 8 July, not one but two teams will be representing their respective SUPINFO schools and country. The ECOthink team comprising Frédéric Pedro, Anthony Chen Kuang Piao and Nicolas Gryman from SUPINFO Ile de France and Maximilien Paitel of SUPINFO UK, also won the approval of the jury in the "Development of Video Games" category. They will be joining on the French podium the Well K’Home SUPINFO team already winners with their intelligent kitchen (Software Creation category).

Focussing on sustainable development which was the theme of the 2008 competition. Conceived by the SUPINFO Ecothink SUPINFO team, Ecologycal Tycoon is a strategy video game which enables the player to apply economical, ecological and social/political concepts in the country of their choice (France, USA, Japan, Reunion Island or ‘Love Island’).

With a highly educational element, the game is nonetheless a recreational one with the emphasis on "gameplay" which offers the following:

  • 1 "historical" mode
  • 4 mini-games
  • 5 different maps
  • 8 original soundtracks
  • 9 sectors of research
  • 26 articles spread over 8 categories
  • 40 different buildings to construct…

The SUPINFO students have made a strong impression at the 6th annual international Imagine Cup which attracted 200,00 participants from all around the world. Next stage is the UNESCO office in Paris where fifty countries will be participating in the final with the theme: sustainable development and the environment.

SUPINFO, the most prestigious IT Engineering college in France, present in 35 international sites and with 6,500 students, invites you to the Imagine Cup world final from 3 to 8 July 2008 in Paris.

Download the Press Statement

SUPINFO students, winners of the French final of the « Software Writing » category, will represent their school and country at the world numerical championship of the Imagine Cup  from 3 to 8 July 2008. For its sixth year, the competition has attracted over 13,000 students in France and nearly 200,000 worldwide.

Paris, 20 May 2008 – Future talented software developers, sixteen finalists including two teams from SUPINFO fought for the much coveted first place in the French leg of the competition last Thursday.  Ecology formed a major part of the projects since the theme this year was: « Imagine et create numerical innovations which will improve the environment ».

The Well K’Home team from SUPINFO Montpellier, SUPINFO Lille and l’Ecole des Gobelins was able to convince the jury which was composed of professionals in the software, environmental and entrepreneurial fields.   It was in the presence of Eric Boustouller – President of Microsoft France, Jean-Louis Missika – Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of innovation, research and universities, and Chantal Jouanno – President of the Agency for the environment and energy, and also of SUPINFO's President, Alick Mouriesse, that the first prize was awarded to the « Smart Cooking » project created by Régis Hanol and Gauthier Chanliau of SUPINFO Montpellier, Sébastien Warin of SUPINFO Lille, and Jean-Noël Gauthier of Gobelins.

Their project transformed a kitchen into an intelligent room capable of managing food products and their wrappings in an ecological way by avoiding waste and making recycling easier. 

These four students and future software stars will now be setting their sights on the  UNESCO headquarters in Paris where, between 3 and 8 July, the international final  will be held at which 50 countries will be represented.

SUPINFO, the largest IT engineering school in France with an international presence in 35 sites and 6,500 students looks forward to seeing you in Paris at the Imagine Cup world final from 3 to 8 July 2008.

Download the Press Statement

Photos: Bernard Lachaud

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