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A unique opportunity

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Why choose information technology?

Because the IT world is different from other economic sectors: its field of application covers many activities. In order to remain ahead of the game, companies from all sectors must ensure they have a reliable and perennial information system. Such a system must be conceived, exploited and maintained by a team of highly qualified men and women among whom systems engineers play a leading role.

Today, analysis has shown that as of the years 2007-2008 and on a worldwide scale, the IT market will undergo a period of great shortage in terms of high level competences (managers and information systems engineers). This creates a unique opportunity to choose studies which guarantee high quality, safe and lasting employment.

Why choose SUPINFO?

Created in 1965, SUPINFO is the common name for "the International Institute of Information Technology" (ESI), the oldest computing school in France. SUPINFO is one of the rare French schools to offer vocational training which is recognized by the French State (decree of January 10, 1972), leading to a state certified degree, registered with the National Register of Professional Certification (RNCP) at the highest level, level I (Bac+5, Master, Engineer). SUPINFO has its own network of schools in France and worldwide and provides national and international mobility for its students.. SUPINFO is an international school (20% are international students). Openness of spirit, team work and experimentation have led to the creation in France of the first teaching laboratories with Microsoft, Cisco, Sun-Oracle, etc.).

“A school recognised by the French government and world leaders as being
one of the best and most innovative ...”

“...leading to a state certified degree. “

SUPINFO exists since 1965 and has produced numerous systems engineers who today hold high level positions in France and worldwide. It is the only school to have created teaching labs with the aid of worldwide industry leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Apple, Sun, IBM or Mandriva. Based on principles such as respect for others, whatever their differences, cooperation and knowledge sharing, SUPINFO and its laboratories have become a reference point and are now present all over France in partnership with the public authorities and recognition of SUPINFO’s name is growing year after year.

“What we have found in technical schools, in particular at SUPINFO, is that people adapt very rapidly and are capable of creating courses dedicated to a particular need identified in the market which makes it possible to meet industry needs instantaneously. Even for us, for our customers and for our partners there is a need for qualified people and we consider that SUPINFO trains students to become professionals able to satisfy all the industry requirements.” - Vincent BASQUIN – Director of Education, MICROSOFT France.

“We sell technology, but SUPINFO will provide us with the talents which we will require to lead or to work in our industry in the future” - Gilles LESAGE - Gilles LESAGE – Director of Education and Research, IBM France.

“SUPINFO was one of the first establishments to pioneer the Oracle Academic Initiative programme” - Jean-Pierre LAMARGOT – Responsible for the academic programme, ORACLE France.

“We created a partnership in order to be able to provide students with the opportunity of following Mandriva courses in the Linux laboratory of SUPINFO. They highlighted a market need and an opening.” - Aurélien GOLL - Director of Training, MANDRIVA France.

“The Cisco Lab at SUPINFO is a window for us. SUPINFO is our first French partner not only in terms of the number of students trained in our technology but also of the success rate of our professional certifications.” - Christophe DOLINSEK - Area Academy Manager, CISCO France and Benelux.

“I think that the study programme offered by SUPINFO is extremely forward-thinking.” - Richard RAMOS, Director of Education and Research, APPLE Computer France.

“SUPINFO has schools in Paris, in 22 other towns located around France and internationally (UK, China, Canada).”

“The school encourages the values of respect for others, whatever their differences but also the values of cooperation and knowledge sharing.”

SUPINFO is an international school whose constant goal is to meet the expectations of its students, as well as of companies and local authorities all over France. The school is present in Paris but also in many other cities and in overseas territories. Each regional site is fairly compact, a place where SUPINFO students, teaching staff and administration are a part of the SUPINFO "family", part of the international community of SUPINFO and respect the Internal Rules and regulation of the establishment which we invite you to consult and which are available at Thus, within this community, the values of respect for others and their differences, their religions and their opinions are conveyed in accordance with the legislation in force. Knowledge sharing and cooperation greatly improve success among the students. The school adapts its programme and its timetables in order to respect the religious calendar of its students, whatever their religion (no classes or exams on Saturdays during the academic year, no exams on Friday afternoons, the observance of the main religious holidays etc).

The school allows its students to study in the following regions: Alsace, Brittany, Paris, Languedoc-Roussillon, Aquitaine, Rhône-Alpes, Centre, the Loire, Midi-Pyrenees, Normandy, Burgundy, French Rivieira, Nord Pas-de-Calais, Champagne-Ardennes, Limousin, Auvergne, Martinique and Reunion all of which represents 22 sites in France and in the French overseas territories. All SUPINFO students registered at SUPINFO Paris prepare for the same SUPINFO International Master of Science (Bac+5) which is recognised worldwide.

“National and international geographical
mobility at no extra expense
in France, Europe, Asia, Africa and America.”

SUPINFO is not only present in France. The school has also opened distant sites or formed strategic partnerships with the State universities of many countries on several continents. SUPINFO has thus created its own international network of schools in France, Europe (SUPINFO UK in London and works in partnership with British universities in Edinburgh and Oxford), Asia (3 schools in China) and in North America (SUPINFO Canada in Montreal, Quebec). The objective is to allow total geographical mobility so, from one academic year to another, students can experience life in another region or another country at no extra expense. It is thus possible to begin studies after the baccalaureat at SUPINFO Brittany (St Malo) then to spend the following year at SUPINFO PACA (Nice) then to go to London for a year before returning to France for the final two years in Paris or go Alsace or even travel as far as China, Canada or Oxford and gain a double diploma. The most important thing is that whichever country or region is chosen, SUPINFO ensures that there is no extra expense! The school can offer its students accommodation at affordable all inclusive prices.

“Studies which are increasingly affordable.”

Recognised by the French government, SUPINFO accepts students directly who are on a scholarship from  CROUS (French student grant awarding body). They represent over 30% of enrolled students which proves that SUPINFO is not merely a school for the rich. Students can also obtain scholarships from the Regional or General Councils of their region.

Moreover each year the school offers more than 100 internal scholarships on training tax ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 euros to the students selected by the teaching staff who would most benefit from the laboratories.

Furthermore, together with its partner, SUPINFO offers student loans in order to make it possible for students to finance their studies in a more simple and autonomous manner.

A laptop per student !

Note : Following the model of the large American universities, technical colleges and more and more European universities, each SUPINFO student must be equipped with a laptop (Mac or PC). Each year, SUPINFO together with its partners IBM/Lenovo and APPLE, can provide a preferential rate for those students who do not yet possess a laptop. Students can accept the offer or make their purchase independently but whichever option they choose, SUPINFO provides all its students with a wide choice of free software (Microsoft, Oracle, Mandriva etc.).
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A school at the service of companies and local authorities since 1965.
Over 4700 alumni.
More than 4500 students registered for 2007-2008.
Nearly 30,000 m2 of buildings.
10 teaching laboratories created with IT leaders.
A budget of over €25,000,000.
Regular decrease in school fees.
nearly 100% employment after graduate from school and
€36,000 average salary upon leaving (statistics are from 2012 graduates).

This deployment of innovation does not stop there. With the assistance of the world leaders in the information technology industry, SUPINFO created the first teaching laboratories in France (Microsoft, Cisco, Sun-Oracle, APPLE). Within these laboratories, the students of SUPINFO can concentrate on what they prefer. They profit from the industrial support. They can then retransmit the knowledge and the know-how they have acquired to all the other students who can in turn take the official international certifications of Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Mandriva... etc.

The SUPINFO laboratories are recognised by the business world and by the educational world: SUPINFO encourages the sharing of courses which are increasingly being used by students of other educational establishments. Participating in a SUPINFO laboratory is a definite plus on a CV. The figures speak for themselves: serving businesses and local authorities : since 1965, over 4,500 students enrolled in 2007-2008, over 4,700 alumni, 100% of SUPINFO graduates find a job within three months of finishing the course (over 80% secured a job even before obtaining their degree in 2007). The average starting salary is over 36,000 euros (2006 students).

“SUPINFO represents a unique opportunity ...”

It is in this favourable context and thanks to its international and innovative diversity that SUPINFO offers current and future students a career opportunity that few other establishments can match.

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