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Beauval Castle: the new summer campus of SUPINFO

Located 35 minutes from Brussels, SUPINFO international headquarters, the Beauval castle now offers an exceptional setting of 17 hectares to work and relax.

Seminars in the heart of Europe

Beauval Castle, the new campus of SUPINFO International University is located in the heart of Europe in Mons (Belgium), 35 minutes from Brussels, only 2 hours 30 from Paris or 2 hours from Luxembourg.
The estate of Beauval Castle, now SUPINFO Summer-Campus extends over 17 hectares in a natural setting with woods, flora and fauna. Built in the late eighteenth century, the castle is still under development for SUPINFO, it will offer more than 4000m2 of seminar and reception space to soon host our conventions, graduations, trainings or summer schools. This historical place becomes a place that can be metamorphosed according to the needs of our students, graduates and partner companies.

The new facilities will be completed by the end of 2019, it will create modern classrooms, study rooms and even seminars that can bring more than1000 people together in the same room with an impressive ballroom of more than 700 m2. Ideal for graduation ceremonies offering the opportunity to enjoy gardens and woods where you can cross wild animals.

A Summer-Camp in preview

The estate and the Beauval Castle are still under renovation and installation, but we could not resist the urge to preview the results of the first work to our students at 2018 Summer School. During a few days, sixty Belgian, Chinese and French students met with teachers for a friendly moment organized in a team-building spirit.

Other seminars and upcoming events...

Gradually and even during the works, the SUPINFO Campus of Beauval Castle in Mons will welcome new events, sometimes serious, sometimes more entertaining. The property should be fully delivered with all its facilities by the end of 2019. It will be reserved mainly for our students and graduates, it will also be able to receive the SUPINFO International University partner companies.

From 2020 we will organize all Graduation Ceremonies, Trainer Trainings (SCT) technical and methodological improvement courses for our students, as well as various training seminars.

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