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The SUPINFO Campuses

SUPINFO Campuses

SUPINFO International University is the new international title of the Paris Institute of Information Technology (ESI), which became "SUPINFO" over 5 years ago. Founded in 1965 and recognized by the State in 1972, the Institute of Information Technology of SUPINFO International University is from now on called "SUPINFO Institute of Information Technology". The school, initially only French, delivers a qualification certified by the French State at the highest level, I (level: Bac+5, Engineer, Master). Today, the SUPINFO Institute of Information Technology is a worldwide IT school, leader in France, which can be found on many SUPINFO International University campuses throughout the world (France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Morocco, the United States, China, etc.).

Every student of a school of SUPINFO International University can benefit from the mobility offered by the international network. Each year of study can be undertaken at a different SUPINFO campus.

Mobility with SUPINFO

At SUPINFO International University, the mobility allows more than 500 students travel around the world every year. Although the SUPINFO international mobility is optional, however it allows our students discover new cultures, to go beyond their personal limit, as well as to experience new business and personal opportunities.
In fact, each year, many graduates settle permanently abroad and found a family. We invite you to discover testimony of Fabien LOUDET (SUPINFO 2010) (FR) who is now the head of IT Auralog China, and talks about his career.

Map of the SUPINFO Campuses

SUPINFO Campuses in France and Oversea

SUPINFO Bordeaux
Created in partnership with the city Bordeaux, SUPINFO is located in the dynamic district in the very center of Bordeaux.

The campus in Caen is located in the heart of the activity and innovation center. The contact with local business communities is very easy and allows our students to fit easily into professional life.

SUPINFO Clermont-Ferrand
The Clearmont-Ferrand Campus is located behind The Marcel Michelin Stadium.

SUPINFO Grenoble
In the center of Innovallee, the computer cradle of Alps, the SUPINFO Campus is ideally located in the Alps.

The campus of SUPINFO Lille is located on 15 boulevard de la Liberté, 5 minutes to the Euralille district, the train station of Lille Flandres and Lille Europe.

The Lyon Campus with 5 year curriculum allows students to profit all the service of students’ life.

SUPINFO Marseille
Marseille campus is located in the prestigious Technopôle Marseille-Provence de Château-Gombert and ranking in the Grandes Ecoles in the region.

Metz Campus is situated approximately 10 minutes to the train station, it is ideal for students from this region.

SUPINFO Montpellier
Montpellier Campus welcomes you in this sunny city. The campus is location in the center of the Millénaire district. The vast open space as well as our efficient equipment allows us to receive students with excellent conditions.

The Nantes campus is ideally situated in the heart of business district. By tramway, students have the access to Nantes city center in fifteen minutes.

Nice Campus is located in the center of the business district near Arenas.

The campus is created in partnership with the General Council of Loiret, the city Orléans, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Loiret. It is located in the city center, 2 minutes walk to the pedestrian area, the busiest area in the city.

SUPINFO Paris Campus is situated on the 16th floor of Montparnasse Tower in the center of Paris, a very young and dynamic district.

Reims Campus is 1h30 to Paris by car, ideally located in the center of the Invest Zone in Reims, whose goal is to boost the Champardenais territory.

Near the heart of the capital of Brittany, the SUPINFO Rennes Campus is established since 2008, in an environment that is favorable for professional success as well as personal development.

SUPINFO Strasbourg
SUPINFO Strasbourg is located in the Innovation Zone of Illkirch, neighbor of Strasbourg Sud University Campus, SUPINFO benefit a natural green space. The fully air-conditioned space combines modern convenience offering our students a quality service.

SUPINFO Toulouse
Toulouse Campus is located in the Compans-Cafarelli district, 2 minutes to the city center by subway, 1h30 to Spain and to the first ski station in pyrénéennes.

Located in the city center, the SUPINFO Tours Campus offers the students to live in this city with its harmony.

Troyes Campus is located in the center of the city, in the historical capital of the Champagne region. The campus offers our student a very nice and comfortable environment.

SUPINFO Valenciennes
The Valenciennes Campus is an example of integration in the economic and industrial region. 2 hours from the main capital of North Europe. The Valenciennes Campus is particularly privileged by its geographical location.

French Overseas

SUPINFO Martinique
In November 2001, SUPINFO created its first remote site in the city of Lamentin, the center of economic activity in Martinique.

SUPINFO Guadeloupe
In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, at Terre-de-Haut, technology center of the French Antilles, SUPINFO offers you the opportunity to improve your professional skills while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

SUPINFO Reunion is on 42 rue de l'Anjou, in the city center of Sainte-Clotilde. Students will benefit the 3 level spacious spaces.

Campus SUPINFO in Europe

London Campus is opened in 2006, it’s located in the center of the city, the business district of London.

SUPINFO Brussels
SUPINFO Brussels has been opened since 2009, the campus situated in the diplomatic district, close to the French Embassy. Thus enables students to discover the richness of Belgian languages, technology and culture.

Switzerland Planned
Geographically situated in the center of Europe, the multi culture of Switzerland has a great contribution to the cultural and technical wealth. The presence of SUPINFO provides a direct gateway to the popular companies in this domain.

SUPINFO campus is located in the center of Rome. The Rome campus is part of SUPINFO network, allowing students to take full advantage of mobility opportunities offered by SUPINFO.

SUPINFO Luxembourg Planned
Luxembourg is has 10 different internet access highway that link the country to the main European hubs of digital economy. It includes the biggest names in the industry,, eBay, iTunes etc...

Trapani is a city located between 2 seas, known as the city of sault and sailing. It’s about 50 kilometers from Tunisia.

Campus SUPINFO in America

SUPINFO San Francisco
Located in the heart of San Francisco and within walking distance to the famous San Francisco bay. San Francisco Campus immerses in this historic city, close to major IT companies like Apple, Facebook, or Pixar.
Due to administrative constraints, San Francisco campus will re-open for the school year 2017-2018.

SUPINFO Montreal
The campus is located in the heart of Montreal, 2 minute walk to the subway station, and allows students to enjoy the lively Montreal.

SUPINFO Rio de Janeiro Planned
With 8.500 enterprises and 40.000 employments in the IT domain, Rio de Janeiro is a privilege destination of all the IT professionals. A SUPINFO Campus in Rio de Janeiro allows you to a cultural escape in Brazil, as well as to benefit the business activities in this region.

Campus SUPINFO in Africa

SUPINFO Casablanca
Located in the hospital district, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city. The Casablanca Campus is in a six-storey luxurious building.

SUPINFO Senegal Planned
Taking advantage of the immense potential of the IT domain in Senegal (20% increase per year). SUPINFO allows students to access to the rich curriculum in a highly international cultural environment.

Rabat, the capital of Morocco situated in the north of the country, on the side of Atlantic coast, on the left bank of the mouth of Bouregreg. SUPINFO Rabat welcomes students since 2009 in the Agdal district.

SUPINFO Mauritius
With more than 2000 jobs in the IT sector, Mauritius cruelly lack of qualified engineers. The presence of SUPINFO would combine the tropical paradise of the island with the quality training, at the same time allowing students to benefit the big demand of the local employment market.

Campus SUPINFO in Asia

With its location in the heart of the business district, the SUPINFO Beijing Campus offers the unique opportunity to discover the Chinese culture.

SUPINFO Hong Kong Planned
SUPINFO wants to extend again its presence in Asia with the opening of a new campus in Hong Kong. In the heart of the financial and commercial world center, our students can immerse themselves in Chinese culture while following the courses.

Located in the city of Tianjin, the second most popular city in north China, SUPINFO Tianjin Campus started to welcome students since 2003.

SUPINFO Zhenjiang
Near Shanghai, first city in China in terms of population and financial center of South-East Asia. SUPINFO is located in the center of Zhenjiang city, can be reached by train from Shanghai.

SUPINFO Virtual Campus

SUPINFO Virtual Campus
In addition to the 36 campus around the world, SUPINFO International University provides also a Virtual Campus.
The Virtual Campus allows all those who want to become a computer engineer with SUPINFO, to follow its identical courses same as in a physical campus, but from home, and pass their exams at the end of the year.

Presentation of the SUPINFO Virtual Campus (with english subtitles).

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