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As a leading-edge school, SUPINFO always strive to provide the most up-to-date curriculum, including the latest industry practices. SUPINFO has included in its curriculums all the technologies the digital-era professional must learn, master, and keep sharpened.

This program has been conceived and validated by the Advisory Board that bring together academia, IT industry leaders, and also companies that leverage IT and digital technologies to run their business. The advisory board modifies the curriculum depending on academia research and market trends.

As a transparency measure towards the public, SUPINFO has decided to publish all its official courses with detailed summaries for each of its courses.


Massive Open Online Courses – MOOC – are a new approach to distance learning. It’s made of online videos, available to the public with a set of exercises (or labs) that’ll help you assessing your knowledge during your learning path. When you’ve completed a course, you can get certified by taking an exam to get recognition of all your hard work.

MOOC get all the advantages of traditional learning within a distance paradigm, readily available to everyone.

SUPINFO International University Courses

You’ll find below all the SUPINFO International University curriculum. More than 60 courses which are one of the strength of our 50 years old institution. Those quality courses are brought to you by professionals and leading industry partners.
Each course leads to a dedicated page where you’ll get a description, a summary and you’ll be able to start learning with a selection of video content.

Web Technologies
1WEB HTML & JavaScript - User Interface Details
2JWB Web Strategy Details
2WEB Web programming with PHP Details
3WEB Advanced Web Programming with NodeJS Details
1LAL Linear algebra Details
1MER Merise modeling for databases Details
1ORC SQL Fundamentals Details
1SET Set theory Details
2ORC PL/SQL Fundamentals Details
4BIS Business Intelligence fundamentals Details
5BIS BI Solutions Details
5DAT Big Data Fundamentals Details
5ORC Oracle Database Administration Details
1ADS Algorithms in python Details
1ARI Arithmetic and Cryptography Details
1GCC C Language Details
1GIT Collaborating with git Details
2ADS Advanced Algorithmics Details
2CMP Compilation - Languages and translators Details
2CPP C++ Language Details
2GRA Graphs theory Details
2JVA Java Standard Edition Details
2NET Microsoft .NET Foundations and Enterprise Applications Details
2OOP Object Oriented Programming Details
2PBS Probabilities and statistics Details
2UML UML Details
3AIT Artificial Intelligence - Functional programming Details
3AND Android Application Development Details
3APL Swift and Cocoa development Details
3ASP Building Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC Details
3JVA Enterprise Application Development Details
3WIN Microsoft Windows Universal Applications Development Details
4AIT Artificial Intelligence - Logic programming Details
4JVA Java EE - Enterprise programming Details
1CNA CCNA Routing & Switching Part 1 Details
2CNB CCNA Routing & Switching Part 2 Details
3CNS CCNA Security Details
Systems Administration
1CPA Computer Architecture Details
1LIN Linux - Foundations Details
1MSA Windows Server Introduction Details
1OSS Operating Systems Fundamentals Details
1SEC Information System Security Details
2CLD Cloud computing 101 Details
2LIN Linux - Power User Details
2MSA Windows Server Administration Details
3MSA Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services Details
4AWS Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Architecture Details
4BCP Enterprise data backup Details
4DOC Docker Details
4KUB Kubernetes Details
4OFF Microsoft Office 365 Details
4OPR Microsoft On Premises Details
4SEC Cybersecurity and PAM (Privilege Access Management) Details
4SYS Virtualized user Details
4VIP VoIP Details
4VTZ Deploying VMware vSphere Details
5ERP ERP Solutions Details
1ENG English Language Details
1IPS Inter-Personal Skills - Level 1 Details
1MGT Enter the digital world Details
2ENG English Language Details
2IPS Inter-Personal Skills - Level 2 Details
2MGT Modelling for Business Analysis Details
3ENG English Language Details
3IPS Inter-Personal Skills - Level 3 Details
3MET ITIL Foundation Details
3MGT Project Management Details
4ENG English Language Details
4IPS Inter-Personal Skills - Level 4 Details
4MET Agile Project Management with Scrum Details
4MGT Finance and Accounting Details
5BCP Disaster Recovery Planning: Ensuring Business Continuity Details
5EMI Emotional Intelligence: Achieving Leadership Success Details
5ENG English Language Details
5EPS Digital Entrepreneurship Details
5MET COBIT® 5 Foundation Training Details
5MGT IT Management 5 – IT Performance Details
5TGF Preparing for TOGAF Accreditation Details
IT Law
1LAW IT Law - Internet Law and Intellectual Property Details
2LAW IT Law - Network Administration and Fraud Details
3LAW Labour Law and IT Details
4LAW IT Law - Personal Data Protection Details
5LAW IT Law - IT Contract Law Details
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