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Digital Entrepreneurship

4EPS 13 chapters 2 ECTS credits Level Intermediate


For a long time, innovation was the preserve of R & D services. But over the inventiveness of startups, especially in the digital, open innovation strategies based on cooperation between companies, are developing fast.


Startup accelerators and incubators of companies are developing throughout France: Digital District, Halle Freyssinet, Paris incubators.... Integrate an incubator or nursery is often become a must on the way raising funds, meeting investors and the ecosystem.


Many of you are already entrepreneurs, this course will help you structure your ideas and accelerate your launch. Indeed, this course aims to enable you to carry out and defend a project of start-up in order to integrate an accelerator or to launch your start-up by yourself. It will be also useful for you if you are in charge of creating new a Business Unit within your company.


Throughout this course, you will be brought to then create a proper business plan either on your own project or on a project in a given universe i.e. an IT answer to the recommendations of the COP21. You will defend this project in front of a jury of potential investors.

Learning path


      • Accélérer le lancement de votre startup
      • Structuring your ideas
      • Making a business plan
      • Defend your business plan

      Course content

      • Digital enterprise and entrepreneurship

        Course : 240 min - Labs : 240 min
      • Marketing and strategy fundamentals

        Course : 240 min - Labs : 240 min
      • Why a Business Plan?

        Course : 30 min
      • Turning Ideas into Opportunities

        Course : 30 min - Labs : 60 min
      • Project and Company overview

        Course : 30 min - Labs : 20 min
      • Market overview

        Course : 40 min - Labs : 60 min
      • Business Strategy and Action Plans

        Course : 50 min - Labs : 60 min
      • Project Calendar

        Course : 30 min - Labs : 30 min
      • Resources and Organization

        Course : 30 min - Labs : 40 min
      • Risks and Opportunities

        Course : 30 min - Labs : 30 min
      • Raising funds

        Course : 30 min - Labs : 60 min
      • Financial data

        Course : 30 min - Labs : 180 min
      • The Executive Summary

        Course : 30 min - Labs : 60 min


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