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SUPINFO ranking No.1 computer university in 2013

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Published recently in Panthéon Center in University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, the 2013 ranking of the SMBG-Eduniversal independent consulting firm regarding the “best trainings Post-Secondary, Bachelor, Master” set SUPINFO International University at the first rank of Universities and Computer Technology Universities for the second year in a row!

Evaluated on the three basis criteria, SUPINFO International University supplants institutions of its kind, especially concerning the amount of wages to a first position (average 36k/year) and the professional insertion exceptionally high rate (97% according to SMBG).

The result of the survey on students and graduates satisfaction, which was conducted by an independent firm, was also extremely critical.

In this respect, interviewed students insisted again on the quality of innovative pedagogy that is perfectly adapted to their needs and the ease of finding an internship or a job after graduation. The firm SMBG-Eduniversal also appreciated the fact that SUPINFO is partner of prestigious companies since many years such as Microsoft, Apple, Intel et IBM. The firm SMBG-Eduniversal has a reputation and strong legitimacy among business schools. To build the ranking of top licenses, Bachelors & Post-secondary University, it needs the participation of 3 actors

- The HR professionals in companies;
- Institution of higher education;
- Students 

The methodology of this ranking is based on the following three criteria:

- The reputation of training among the interviewed companies.
- The employment wage and further training after studies.
- The return of student satisfaction.

The criterion of reputation is evaluated according the level of recognition of HRD.

The salary at the exit of university and further education are evaluated thanks to information obtained from schools and universities.

The satisfaction on graduate students is the result of a survey from sample of students.

Already ranked first in November 2011 and ranked second in 2010, the rank of No.1 confirms the leader position in France of SUPINFO International University.

For further information on SMBG-Eduniversal ranking, please visit the website: (in french)

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