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SUPINFO organizes the SUPINFO Job Forum every year which takes place simultaneously on all SUPINFO campuses in France and worldwide. You can meet our students, offer them internships (full time or part time) or jobs (including professional contract on certain campuses), and also let them know about your company.

Are you looking for last year students or certified interns? All SUPINFO students are trained by the laboratories created by the school with partners (Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Oracle / Sun, Novell and Mandriva) and pass professional certification of these partners in their first year study.

With this pragmatic approach of training in information and communication technology and their numerous internships in companies, graduates of 2009 were able to find their first job less than a month after the their final internship. The emplyment rate has reached 100% with an average salary of 36,000 Euros.

The operation of SUPINFO Job Forum

SUPINFO SUPINFO Job Forum is an unique opportunity for companies to find quality interns and future collaborators. Indeed, during their five year study, all school students not only perform year-end internships (minimum 2 months in summer), but also perform part-time internships (2 days a week) throughout the school year at any time of the year and without time limit. You also have the option of hiring SUPINFO students on apprenticeship contracts on SUPINFO campus in France. Finally, the last year students complete their study with a final internship which last 6 months (April 1 to September 30).

During the SUPINFO Job Forums, you will meet students from first to fifth year (note: last year students will be already in internship when the last job forum takes place in May). SUPINFO jounier students can be also very effective in companies: it is interesting to note that, from their first year of study, students can pass at least the certifications from Microsoft, Cisco or Mandriva Linux, C Language, SQL and event programming.

Register you company to SUPINFO Job Forum

To participate in SUPINFO Job Forum, please fill the form below, we will contract you as soon as possible.

Post internship or employment offers

For nearly 50 years, SUPINFO International University trains experts in Computer Science. That’s why you have the option to file an internship job offer, which will be accessible for all students and alumni, so that they can integrate into your team.

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