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SUPINFO Martinique Campus

2ème étage de l’Immeuble Grémau
Zone d’activité de Manhity
Four à Chaux
FWI-97232 Le Lamentin
0811.570.600 (prix appel local)
Access plan
Access to the Campus :

MOZAIK network: Ligne 420
Possibility of benifit a monthly Campus subscription
Taxi collectif : Commune du Robert
Notice : 7 testimonies

Presentation of the campus

The Caribbean Campus in Martinique is located in the Mangles Acajou Industrial Zone in Lamentin, first industrial city and economic hub of the island.
It is the first remote site of SUPINFO International University, after 12 years of existence, this campus remains the great value of higher education in the Caribbean.

Curriculum and courses on campus

These courses are from Bac, Bac+1, +2, +3 and +4 full-time or alternation 2 days /week founded by companies :

These courses are also available 100% from distance, alone (Open-Campus)
or with monitoring and coaching (Virtual-Campus).

Presentation of the campus


Management team

Campus Manager Caraïbes

Photo de Betty LAMBERT , Assitante de Direction à SUPINFO Guadeloupe, SUPINFO, la grande école de l'informatique du numérique et du management

Assistant Manager Caraïbes

Photo de SOPHIE LINGIBÉ, Campus Manager de SUPINFO Martinique, SUPINFO International University, la Grande Ecole de l'informatique, du numerique et du management

Executive Assistant

Photo de Lucette MAGLOIRE, Assitante de Direction à SUPINFO Martinique, SUPINFO, la grande école de l'informatique du numérique et du management

Meet SUPINFO in Martinique - Events

Feel free to visit SUPINFO in Martinique, and discover the wonderful Campus
To contact the SUPINFO Martinique Campus, send an email to

Open Day

The Open Day is an event that the Campus opens its door to the public. Visitors can meet students, teaching staff and the management team of the Campus.

SUPINFO Discovery Day

The SUPINFO Discovery day is a half-day/day event where the future SUPINFO students can come to the campus and attend classes. This will allow our future students to understand the innovative SUPINFO pedagogy in person. The SUPINFO Discovery day is free and open to everyone.
To contact us please send an email or call 0811 570 600.


The SUPINFO Job Forum is a privileged moment where school partners come on campus to meet our students for their multi-year recruitment.

Individual appoinement

You can make individual appointment with the Campus Director by writing an email to

SUPINFO Open Campus

SUPINFO International University, higher education of information technology, makes innovative online tools available to all its students for learning throughout their curriculum. Students can study from home whenever they want.

Study what you want

SUPINFO Open Campus offers a full and unlimited access to thousands of educational resources (courses, videos, books, etc.), covering all areas of IT, digital and management. You can study the course you want in addition to the courses on SUPINFO Campus.

When you want

All these resources are available online, via Open Campus platform and our partners. They are accessible 24/24 and 7/7.

Where you want

It is enough just to have internet connection to access our Open Campus. You go to a place where you don’t have internet connection?
A big part of our resource is available to download. You can download them before your departure and benefit later on.
Enjoy the educational privileges, including the access to the best libraries.

Get other educational benefits, including the access to the best online libraries and more

Cisco NetAcad

Go on line to Cisco courses, world leader of network technology, and perfect in networking field at your own pace.


Thousands of videos about the latest software, IT technologies and management are available through, covering the entire SUPINFO curriculum and even more.

Editions ENI

ENI edition, publisher of computer books, makes its entire collection available to SUPINFO International University students with unlimited access.


Enjoy the benefits reserved to the community members of SUPINFO such as accessing VMware licences (VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion), and a large choice of e-learning VMware courses.

Offres DELL

DELL and SUPINFO team up and offer student deals at great prices!

Microsoft Campus Program

Enter the student community of Microsoft and get access to online learning tools, as well as the free downloads of the latest Microsoft software.


JetBrains offers SUPINFO students powerful IDE, adapted to different programming languages to enhance development productivity and stay focused on code design and the big picture!

Educational Laboratories in Martinique

The spread of mobile phones and smartphones has seen unprecedented growth in the DOM. The Mobility Lab aims to enable students to be competent on one or more mobile technologies, working on concrete projects.
It also aims to make students be familiar with Agile project management.

Lab Mobile
The spread of mobile phones and smartphones has seen unprecedented growth in the DOM. The Mobility Lab aims to enable students to be competent on one or more mobile technologies, working on concrete projects.
It also aims to make students be familiar with Agile project management.

Living in Martinique – Useful links

SUPINFO Martinique benefits both its location in the center of an industrial area, and its proximity to the Galleria Mall.

Accommodation in Martinique

The Local Committee for the Independent Youth Housing welcomes, informs and directs youth from 18 to 30 years on all issues related to housing and facilitates access to their rights.

The Foyer Young Workers "Cycas" is the ideal accommodation solution at preferential rates for young people with low incomes

Financing in Martinique

You can get different aids and supports if you want to do your study in SUPINFO International University on Martinique Campus

Fun in Martinique

The Martinique campus offers an ideal environment and numerous activities!

Dining in Martinique

Our campus has a recreation room with a refrigerator, 2 microwave, TV ... students can bring their meals and have lunch in a friendly atmosphere.
Martinique campus is located in the center of an artisanal area that allows them to find various meals nearby, fast food or healthy meals ... for example:

  • Restaurant Ti Mangles next to the campus
  • Mc Donald 5 minutes by car

Martinique Campus and companies

Lamentin is the largest town in Martinique.

It is also the first industrial city and economic hub of the island. It has over 3,000 companies on its territory and is the second employment area of the French overseas Fort-de-France. It is a territory with five industrial zones and 2 joint development areas.

These are the favorable elements for our students in terms of internship and job prospects after graduation.

Student interviews on Martinique campus

SUPINFO was an opportunity for me to develop my passion for computers, as all aspects of the virtual world are discussed, while allowing me to build a stable future.

In addition, the opportunity to represent my school, being the ambassador of SUPINFO at various meetings with future graduates is an interesting experience that allowed me to give my orientation and be proud to study at SUPINFO. This is a community that combines the passion of new technologies and professionalisme

Darryl POULIN, student at SUPINFO Martinique, future graduate of 2016

Sign of Success in Martinique

I joined SUPINFO after my Bac S. Early personal workload seems enormous; especially that you need to be fairly autonomous. But in the end I'm happy to have acquired sufficient autonomy to take advantage of the extraordinary knowledge that provided by the school.
Another good thing I remember is that I was lucky to come across some great teams. On SUPINFO Caribbean Campus in Martinique, they have always been attentive and always available to answer our questions. When I went to the campus of SUPINFO China in Tianjin, the teaching team has been able to help me to integrate my life on campus.
To call the campus manager on a Sunday for asking the nearest hotel address in Chinese is priceless! International is a real opportunity at SUPINFO, although sometimes it is difficult to adapt while maintaining the level in the studies.

Jessica ZACHARIE, student at SUPINFO Martinique, 2013 graduate

Graduation ceremony

We organized the 2012 graduation ceremony in a very pleasant setting, in one of the lounges in Valmeniere hotel which is situated in Fort de France in Martinique.

Other campuses near Martinique

SUPINFO Guadeloupe
In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, at Terre-de-Haut, technology center of the French Antilles, SUPINFO offers you the opportunity to improve your professional skills while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

SUPINFO Rio de Janeiro
en projet

With 8.500 enterprises and 40.000 employments in the IT domain, Rio de Janeiro is a privilege destination of all the IT professionals. A SUPINFO Campus in Rio de Janeiro allows you to a cultural escape in Brazil, as well as to benefit the business activities in this region.

SUPINFO San Francisco
Located in the heart of San Francisco and within walking distance to the famous San Francisco bay. San Francisco Campus immerses in this historic city, close to major IT companies like Apple, Facebook, or Pixar. Due to administrative constraints, San Francisco campus will re-open for the school year 2016-2017.

SUPINFO Montreal
The campus is located in the heart of Montreal, 2 minute walk to the subway station, and allows students to enjoy the lively Montreal.

SUPINFO Virtual Campus
In addition to the 36 campus around the world, SUPINFO International University provides also a Virtual Campus.
The Virtual Campus allows all those who want to become a computer engineer with SUPINFO, to follow its identical courses same as in a physical campus, but from home, and pass their exams at the end of the year.

Why not internationally ?

SUPINFO International University offers all SUPINFO students the opportunity to follow their study on a different campus every year with the same program. Apart from the campuses in France, SUPINFO also has numerous international campuses in Europe, America, Africca and Asia.

* SUPINFO International University is an international institution with headquarters in Brussels and operates campuses in France and around the world alone or in partnership with a network of accredited local institutions. For its campuses in France, including SUPINFO International University works in partnership with the French institution "Institute of Information Technology of Paris" (SUPINFO Paris) which is a private institution recognized by the French State higher education delivering a diploma registered by the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP) in the National Register of Professionals Certification (RNCP) and therefore it is recognized by the French state at the highest level, the level I (Bac + 5, Engineer, Master).

The term “Master”, “M1”, “M2”, even an international name as “Master of Science” maybe regulated as the terms already used “Bachelor”, “license”, “Master” and “Doctor”. Consequently, as a precaution measure, SUPINFO International University clearly precise here, even in absence of any French law currently being implemented in this regard, the term “Master” used by SUPINFO is under its identity and international position reinforced by the existence of its campus outside France and in view of its ability to deliver the diploma “Master of Science” outside France alone or in partnership with foreign institutions.

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