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SUPINFO Institute of digital Arts & Design diploma courses 2017-2018

  • Année 1
    Admission with
    Bac général
  • Year 2
    Prépa, BTS, DUT, ...
  • Year 3
    Prépa, BTS, DUT, ...
    Bac+3 BA
    Professional life
    Graphic Designer,
    Designer of objects, space, products, Webdesigner,
    Interface designer,
    Digital video editor,
    Artistic director
  • Year 4
    Licence, Bachelor
    Bac+4MA 1
  • Year 5
    Bac+5MA 2

The royal way for the creatives

The foundation of all voluntary creation - be it artistic or not - is a least one idea and one creator. A creation can often be the fruit of several ideas, submitted by several co-creators. This is true regardless of the form and type of creation, and irrespective of the ideas that founded it.

Creations and their designs can be simple, basic, complex or even elaborate. They can be functional and useful, but that is not mandatory. They can either be tangible or intangible. Lastly, they can represent a combination of all of the above, for instance in the case where the creation is a company. In any case, it is always necessary to have a clear image of your idea prior to the creation, and to possess the best possible tools to carry it out, materialise it, test it, confront it to external opinions, change it, improve it, refine it - all this as quickly as possible before accepting a more accomplished version.

With the digital age upon us, and its resulting technological innovations available in our daily and business lives, our lifestyles have not only changed but we are now required to work and communicate with others. Indeed, these technologies and the tools provided to us make it possible to transform new ideas into all kinds of creations - and there is a real impact on the speed at which these creations are designed, broadcast and permitted to interact with us. Just like in the field of IT, management or communication, artistic or designer creations have obviously had to take in the digital revolution. Here too, powerful and sophisticated digital tools are available to ensure that ideas can be turned into tangible creations.

This is the reason why the SUPINFO Institute of Digital Arts & Design (SIAD) was created. The Institute not only makes it possible to free creative processes used to find ideas, but also and most importantly teaches students to master the digital technologies of today and of the future - those that make it possible to turn ideas into works of art, or into tangible or intangible designer creations, in the blink of an eye and with enough precision to fulfil market requirements.

However, the use of digital media must not make us forget the true essence of creation. With regard to art, beyond exhibiting, representing or broadcasting a work of art to an audience, even though it is not always a question of functionality, it is always a question of emotion - be it positive or negative. Though it is obvious that taste is private and varied, successful works of art must all touch us, inspire us, or make us think - they cannot leave us indifferent. Artistic creations - designed or not using digital tools - be they fixed images, animated images, sounds or objects, always tell a story and are bound to convey a message, the creator of which must accept various interpretations depending on the viewer. In terms of design, the notion of functionality or usefulness must be added to that of mere creation. The idea is to combine the features of a work of art, involving emotion, a certain atmosphere and a message, to those of a functional and possibly useful creation designed for a specific purpose (furniture, lamp, accessory, vehicle, software or mobile application interface, website, etc.).

Depending on these creations, we will be required to focus on what we can see, hear, feel and sometimes on the way in which we use the creation.

The purpose of the SUPINFO Institute of Digital Arts & Design (SIAD) is to prepare students during 3 or 5 years to become professional digital designers. They will become experts in design and creation, in the 4 major fields of digital arts and design:

  • the design and creation of websites, mobile applications and graphical user interfaces to help improve presentation, ergonomics and display in IT, mobile and Web applications
  • the design and creation of fixed images aimed for print or screen display, the production of 2D and 3D animated images with sound, as well as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) concepts
  • the design of objects - represented on fixed or animated 2D or 3D images, and their 3D-printed prototypes, with special attention paid to connected objects and advanced functionality objects
  • lastly, the design of spaces (living areas, workspaces, special events, urban spaces), for which digital media helps improve functionalities and sensory experiences, or can offer new uses.

All this digital art and design knowledge and competence is obviously taught at SIAD within a rich digital environment, a primary field within the SUPINFO International University. The students' projects are carried out both on Windows and Mac workstations, using a wide range of software and namely including the software suite created by our technological partner, Adobe. All SIAD students benefit from in-depth teaching on all digital creation tools, but they are also given the chance to develop their own skills depending on personal interests.

An approach based on performance and practice

Similar to the SUPINFO Institute of Information Technology (SIIT) course that made it so successful, the course promoted by the SUPINFO Institute of Digital Arts & Design (SIAD) was created to convey the most high-performance and operational knowledge and skills, with a view to immediately meeting job market requirements. Indeed, the syllabus intends not only to convey the standard academic knowledge of the very best university courses in digital creation and design, but also aims to create a bridge to the highly experienced world of successful designers and creators. These experienced men and women were those who initially created SIAD's syllabus, and are therefore those who upgrade it every year, based on recommendations by our SUPINFO Advisory Board (SAB). To graduate, students must learn to work for real customers, so they can manage a creative project, select the right digital tools and most importantly work as a multi-talented team.

Turning good ideas into creations
that are both useful and generate emotions

Knowing how to generate emotions, by drawing the very best from new creative technologies - namely digital ones - is a real asset when striving to become a successful Designer. With SIAD's syllabus, you will learn to reach a clear and simple goal: To express a sensory or functional message, you will learn to free your potential and turn your very best ideas into successful creations. To do so, you will of course learn to design, but also and most importantly to invent, co-create, capture, multiply and broadcast these ideas as a team, thanks to design and digital creation classes, as well as through concrete innovation and business experimentation. As such, inter-school projects will be organised - combining skills from the SUPINFO Institute of Information Technology (SIIT), the SUPINFO Institute of Innovation & Business (SIIB) and the SUPINFO Institute of Digital Communication & Media (SICM).

This way, you will have the chance to learn surrounded by other talented and motivated students, with diverse origins, locations and skills - integrating science, creativity, art and design, just like real teams do in innovative companies. You will also naturally become part of an ever-growing international community of SUPINFO International University alumni, already counting over 15,000 graduates.

Who is this programme for?

If you are passionate about creation, are eager to breathe life into your own artistic and design ideas, or if you wish to become an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, a Designer of objects, spaces or products, a Webdesigner, an Interface designer or Scenographer, Digital video editor, Artistic director, etc., then SIAD's courses are made for you. 

You can apply to a professional Bachelor's degree straight after secondary school, lasting 3 years and possibly followed by a Master's degree, or if you already have a BA (or equivalent) in the field of art or design and wish to soon become a leader in this sector, you can immediately apply for the Master's degree in Arts in Digital Design, that will last 2 years.

Course syllabus for the Bachelor in Arts in digital Design (BA)
3 years following a secondary school degree

 Art History
Creative presentation
Theories of Art and Design
Mathematics applied to design
Digital technologies in art and design
Scenarios and psychology
The concepts and principles of graphic design
The concepts and principles of photography
The concepts and principles of video-making
The concepts and principles of animation
Typography and lay-out
Video editing
Sound editing
Techniques and design in audio/video broadcast
Designing spaces
Special event design
3D design
The physical fundamentals of movement
Digital Studio
Knowledge Sharing
Full Time Internship
School’s Life (option)
Excellence Project or Contribution to SIU (option)
Part Time Internship (option)

Bachelor* of
Arts in digital Design
BA - 180 crédits ECTS

Course syllabus for the Master in Arts in digital Design (MA)
2 years following a Bachelor's or equivalent

Personal development and leadership
Brand design
Rights and copyright in digital art and design
Strategies and motivation in design
Measuring performance in the field of Design
Game design
Media design
Mobile Gaming
Storytrelling techniques
Advanced 3D prototyping
Advanced Autocad/Archicad
Expertise in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
Advanced video editing/Special effects
Knowledge Sharing
Full Time Internship
School’s Life (option)
Excellence Project or Contribution to SIU (option)
Part Time Internship (option)

Master* of
Arts in digital Design
MBA - 300 crédits ECTS

Specialization Options

SUPINFO Institute of Innovation & Business (SIIB) offers specialization options to students in ordert to complete their general curriculum.

Rappels Academic Reminders: The specialization options are teachings that will be evaluated through a red wire project. Any final mark equal to or higher than 10/20 will automatically receive 10 ECTS credits. Superior of 10/20 also result in the acquisition of SUPINFO Success Points according to the terms of optention of Success Points stated herein.

The Success Points

To develop and promote excellence within SUPINFO International University, regardless of the curriculum followed, one of the academic performance valuation system of the academic result or remarkable actions performed by students was designed.

These are the SUPINFO Success Points that will attribute to a special account of "success points" convertible at the training products or exceptional items to choose in the success shop, « SUPINFO Success Store ».

Obtain your diploma Bac+5 by VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience)

The V.A.E. (Validation of Acquired Experience) is a legal way to obtain the SUPINFO diploma certified to Level I (Bac +5, Master, Engineer) and registered by the French state in RNCP: the "National Directory of Professional Certifications." The way to access SUPINFO diploma by VAE is another way on top of the traditional university initial training after Bac and has the same value.

Other than initial training, it is now possible for everyone regardless of age, who has at least 3 years IT working experience to get SUPINFO diploma by recognizing the professional experience and competence in IT that have been developed in the work. The recognition can be done by submitting an VAE application to SUPINFO for the validation of previous education and working experience. The VAE to SUPINFO takes into account the professional competence developed through the activities as employee, self-employed and volunteers are concerned in SUPINFO diploma.

SUPINFO Open Campus

SUPINFO International University, higher education of information technology, makes innovative online tools available to all its students for learning throughout their curriculum. Students can study from home whenever they want.

Study what you want

SUPINFO Open Campus offers a full and unlimited access to thousands of educational resources (courses, videos, books, etc.), covering all areas of IT, digital and management. You can study the course you want in addition to the courses on SUPINFO Campus.

When you want

All these resources are available online, via Open Campus platform and our partners. They are accessible 24/24 and 7/7.

Where you want

It is enough just to have internet connection to access our Open Campus. You go to a place where you don’t have internet connection?
A big part of our resource is available to download. You can download them before your departure and benefit later on.
Enjoy the educational privileges, including the access to the best libraries.

Get other educational benefits, including the access to the best online libraries and more

Cisco NetAcad

Go on line to Cisco courses, world leader of network technology, and perfect in networking field at your own pace.


Thousands of videos about the latest software, IT technologies and management are available through, covering the entire SUPINFO curriculum and even more.

Editions ENI

ENI edition, publisher of computer books, makes its entire collection available to SUPINFO International University students with unlimited access.


Enjoy the benefits reserved to the community members of SUPINFO such as accessing VMware licences (VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion), and a large choice of e-learning VMware courses.

Offres DELL

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Microsoft Campus Program

Enter the student community of Microsoft and get access to online learning tools, as well as the free downloads of the latest Microsoft software.


JetBrains offers SUPINFO students powerful IDE, adapted to different programming languages to enhance development productivity and stay focused on code design and the big picture!

* SUPINFO International University is an international institution with headquarters in Brussels and operates campuses in France and around the world alone or in partnership with a network of accredited local institutions. For its campuses in France, including SUPINFO International University works in partnership with the French institution "Institute of Information Technology of Paris" (SUPINFO Paris) which is a private institution recognized by the French State higher education delivering a diploma registered by the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP) in the National Register of Professionals Certification (RNCP) and therefore it is recognized by the French state at the highest level, the level I (Bac + 5, Engineer, Master).

Unlike the rest of the world, the term “Master”, “M1”, “M2”, even an international name as “Master of Science” maybe regulated as the terms already used “Bachelor”, “license”, “Master” and “Doctor”. Consequently, as a precaution measure, SUPINFO International University clearly precise here, even in absence of any French law currently being implemented in this regard, the term “Master” used by SUPINFO is under its identity and international position reinforced by the existence of its campus outside France and in view of its ability to deliver the diploma “Master of Science” outside France alone or in partnership with foreign institutions.

** Recommended and generally recognized term, given indication. It can vary depending on the subjects.

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