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Since 2002, SUPINFO students can spend their last year at Oxford to prepare a double British Masters degree, benefitting from the exchange program between SUPINFO and Oxford Brookes University.

Presentation of the SUPINFO-Oxford program



The students registered at SUPINFO in the second year of the Engineering Cycle (IS2) can, under certain conditions, follow their last and third year of the Engineering Cycle (IS3) at our British partner university: Oxford Brookes University. In this case, they have the opportunity to prepare, on top of their SUPINFO degree, the Oxford Brookes University Master ( Master of Science Degree (MSc) with the following options:


MSc in Computer Science

MSc in High Speed Networks & Distributed System

MSc in Web Technologies.


These students are therefore both SUPINFO students and, at the same time, students of Oxford Brookes University. They have to follow a set of disciplinary and evaluation conditions to obtain, at the end of IS3, their SUPINFO and Oxford Brookes degrees.


To have the opportunity to follow an IS3 year in Oxford, the student has to apply for admission. The requests have to be made between the 1st of January and the 30th of April closing date for applications.



Admission conditions


All the students regularly registered in IS2 can be candidates. In accordance with the agreements between SUPINFO and Oxford Brookes University, SUPINFO is responsible for the files that will be selected and then transmitted to the Admissions Department in England. In this context, it is specified that only students having a clean file - devoid of any black marks against them - can be selected by SUPINFO. On top of that, to guarantee them the best chance of success in England, they have to have a mark superior or equal to 750 in TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communications), or, if not, a mark superior or equal to 213 in the Computer Based TOEFL (SUPINFO covers the cost of only one TOEIC test per student).


The maximum number of students allowed to go to Oxford Brookes University is fixed each year. Only the best files will be retained. The criteria taken into account are, among others, the student’s marks and motivation, the general profile of the student and his participation in school affairs.



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