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SUPINFO Troyes Campus

1 Boulevard Charles Baltet
10000 Troyes
+33 1 53 35 97 00
Access plan
Access to the Campus :
Bus stop: CCI
Train : 5 minutes walk to the SNCF train station
Car : Rocade Ouest, Road Auxerre D677
Free Parking on Boulevard du Général Charles Delestraint
Avis : 9 témoignages

Presentation of the campus

SUPINFO is presented in Troyes since 2005, supported by the City and Troyes Agglomeration Community, seeking to make the city the First Division of Higher Education in the Region (nearly 10,000 students in more than 10 higher education institutions).

Since September 2012, SUPINFO has installed in a completely renovated building and representative of the rise of Troyes. The former textile factory Régley turned to an innovative tertiary center and meeting the requirements of sustainable development. This building hosts the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the newspaper L'Est Eclair and some other companies. SUPINFO occupies a separate wing while benefiting from structure of the building. Our students follow the SUPINFO international curriculum in this modern, ecological setting, which located 5 minutes from the train station and the historical center.

Curriculum and courses on campus

These courses are from Bac, Bac+1, +2, +3 and +4 full-time or alternation 2 days /week founded by companies :

These courses are also available 100% from distance, alone (Open-Campus)
or with monitoring and coaching (Virtual-Campus).

Video of Troyes Campus

Video presentation of SUPINFO Campus in Troyes.

Management team

Regional President

Photo de Joseph ROUSSEAU, Président de Région à SUPINFO International University, la Grande Ecole de l'informatique, du numerique et du management

Campus Manager

Photo de Sarah CHARVAUX, Campus Manager de SUPINFO Troyes, SUPINFO International University, la Grande Ecole de l'informatique, du numerique et du management

Christine ROSTE
Assistant Manager

Photo de Christine ROSTE, Adjointe de Direction à SUPINFO Orléans, SUPINFO, la grande école de l'informatique du numérique et du management

Meet SUPINFO in Troyes - Events

SUPINFO Troyes Campus organizes many events throughout the academic year. You will find below the timetable and the description of the events.
You can also make an appointment with the Campus Manager to study your application file or answer your questions about SUPINFO curriculum.
To contact SUPINFO Troyes Campus, send an email to

Open Day

The Open Day is an event in the year that the campus opens its door to the public. Visitors can meet students, teaching staff and of course the Campus management team.

SUPINFO Discovery Day

SUPINFO Discovery Day is a half-day / full day event, future SUPINFO students can come on campus and attend classes. This is an opportunity for future students to discover the SUPINFO innovative pedagogy in real conditions. SUPINFO Discovery Day is free and open to all.


SUPINFO Job Forum is an event that the school partner companies come on cmapus to meet our students as part of their multi year recruitment.

Individual Appointment

You can make individual appointment with the Campus Director by writing to

SUPINFO Open Campus

SUPINFO International University, higher education of information technology, makes innovative online tools available to all its students for learning throughout their curriculum. Students can study from home whenever they want.

Study what you want

SUPINFO Open Campus offers a full and unlimited access to thousands of educational resources (courses, videos, books, etc.), covering all areas of IT, digital and management. You can study the course you want in addition to the courses on SUPINFO Campus.

When you want

All these resources are available online, via Open Campus platform and our partners. They are accessible 24/24 and 7/7.

Where you want

It is enough just to have internet connection to access our Open Campus. You go to a place where you don’t have internet connection?
A big part of our resource is available to download. You can download them before your departure and benefit later on.
Enjoy the educational privileges, including the access to the best libraries.

Get other educational benefits, including the access to the best online libraries and more

Cisco NetAcad

Go on line to Cisco courses, world leader of network technology, and perfect in networking field at your own pace.


Thousands of videos about the latest software, IT technologies and management are available through, covering the entire SUPINFO curriculum and even more.

Editions ENI

ENI edition, publisher of computer books, makes its entire collection available to SUPINFO International University students with unlimited access.


Enjoy the benefits reserved to the community members of SUPINFO such as accessing VMware licences (VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion), and a large choice of e-learning VMware courses.

Offres DELL

DELL and SUPINFO team up and offer student deals at great prices!

Microsoft Campus Program

Enter the student community of Microsoft and get access to online learning tools, as well as the free downloads of the latest Microsoft software.


JetBrains offers SUPINFO students powerful IDE, adapted to different programming languages to enhance development productivity and stay focused on code design and the big picture!

Educational Laboratories in Troyes

SUPINFO Troyes welcomes different laboratories, a place where studens with the same passion on one technology can share their knowledge, as well as discover new things, exchange and work on common projects.

Lab Robotic
If you are passionate in Robotic, this lab offers you the occasion to meet and exchange with other students to share your passion.

Living in Troyes - Useful Links

With nearly 10,000 students and a veriaty of higher education institutions located throughout this territory, Troyes is the university center of the south Champagne-Ardenne region.

Our campus has an average of 75 students, which makes it a human scale where our students evolve in an atmosphere of solidarity. Good mood, smile and confidence are enssencial here, and the administrative team is always there to support, encourage and guide our students.

Students have the same techniques and teaching methods as other SUPINFO campus, which ensures the best training. Some students come from other cities in France or abroad. The reasonable housing market is one more reason to come and settle in Troyes.

Accommodation in Troyes

With few minutes from the train station, SUPINFO Troyes Campus allows students to benefit from a reasonable housing market in Troyenne region, as well as the dynamic student community.
We are also in contact with real estate agencies and particulierts have student housing.

Financing in Troyes

There are many aides and supports you can have if you want to study in SUPINFO International University Troyes Campus.

Fun in Troyes

In addition to the the simple discovery of the historic center, regardless of the season and your age and your interests, you can always find diffrent activities: shopping in the lively city center or the factory outlets, museums and educational workshops, guided fun tours, theater and concerts, gourmet meals or Champagne tasting ... by foot, by bike, bus or sometimes by carriage ... Anything goes!

Dinning in Troyes

There is an open space where everyone meets during the break on campus. A ping-pong table and a large screen connected to a wii and nintendo is availabe. The kitchen (fridge, microwave, refreshments and candy dispenser) allows students to bring their own food and have lunch together. Free parking, buses, caterers, kebabs and other bakeries, pizzerias, or super market … are all nearby!

Troyes Campus and companies

SUPINFO Troyes has established a trustful partnership with several companies. Our students can benifit this entrepreneurial environment and eventually discover and train themselves to meet the requirements in this fild.

Internships are the integral part of the SUPINFO curriculum: our students can acquire a solid base of 2 years experience in business at the end of their course.

Some partener companies in Troyes :

Company interviews in Troyes

The interns are on a high level and very productive. Moreover, they are motivated and everyone has his own personality which shows in their customer relations.

Training takes place in both directions. We train our intern intensively to meet our customer expectations. The interns bring us the latest IT technical knowledge. This has a significant influence on both parties. As a society, we establish our company here, and will stay here as long as we have these competences. Students find an internship and then a permanent contract that makes them stay in the region. It should be noted that SUPINFO is humane, competent and attentive, which is appreciated in a market where everyone may tempted to turn inward.

Denis ROTHMAN, Project Director, Planilog

Read the full interview of Denis ROTHMAN about SUPINFO (FR)

Student interviews on Troyes Campus

after trying several computer schools, I oriented to SUPINFO because of the generality of the taught subjects. Being passionate about robotics, multidisciplinary field that was exactly what I needed. I could learn several programming languages, the establishment of a computer network and so on, as well as some legal and security concepts. The presence of a campus in Troyes has reinforced my choice, due to the high housing cost in Paris or Reims.

SUPINFO, possessing Laboratories that allows us to move into specialized areas, I had the chance to join the Robotics Lab in its opening year. By participating actively in this laboratory, I became the Campus Lab Manager in the second year and manage the laboratory on Troyes campus. Now I'm in my third year and I became Global Lab Manager. So I’m in charge of all the robotics laboratory of SUPINFO.

Jérémy DEL BONTA, student in B.Sc. on SUPINFO Troyes Campus

SUPINFO, where should I start? I joined Troyes campus during the 2009/2010 school year after a period of Medical study. Certainly a radical reorientation but I do not regret at all. The study helped me to start from the basics and move on at my own pace without being dropped at any time.

Our campus is a big family. With reduced number, graduates are under 20 students, it becomes easy to create links and cohesion. Located in the city center, it is easy to access all the elements that students need. On a personal level, I was able to get involved in many areas. Head of SIS on my campus, present the school on many shows, and Microsoft trainer, this status also allowed me to improve my competence from preparinglectures to present to business leaders . I did not really want to leave this campus, but we will graduate soon.

Sébastien RODANGE, student M. SC. 2 on SUPINFO Troyes Campus

Graduation ceremony

SUPINFO honors the new graduates during the traditional graduation ceremony, rewarding the efforts and the work of his students.
This year, the graduation ceremony was held in the Pavillon Baltard in Paris for the year 2013 graduates, with the presence of CAVALLARI Gilles, Vice-President of Monster Western Europe

Sign of Success in Troyes

I have done all my internship in the Group SOUFFLET. At the end of my first year, my first summer internship. A part-time internship in B2. In B3, my part-time internship and my summer internship. I had the opportunity to be hired on permanent part-time contract while I was in the 4th year. The following year, I signed a full-time contract with the Group SOUFFLET when my classmates were still doing their 6-month final internship.

Read the full interview d'Adrien HERVE, 2011 graduate (FR)

Other campus near Troyes

Reims Campus is 1h30 to Paris by car, ideally located in the center of the Invest Zone in Reims, whose goal is to boost the Champardenais territory..

Metz Campus is situated approximately 10 minutes to the train station, it is ideal for students from this region.

The campus is created in partnership with the General Council of Loiret, the city Orléans, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Loiret. It is located in the city center, 2 minute walk to the pedestrian area, the busiest area in the city.

SUPINFO Luxembourg en projet
Luxembourg is has 10 different internet access highway that link the country to the main European hubs of digital economy. It includes the biggest names in the industry,, eBay, iTunes etc...

SUPINFO Virtual Campus
In addition to the 36 campus around the world, SUPINFO International University provides also a Virtual Campus.
The Virtual Campus allows all those who want to become a computer engineer with SUPINFO, to follow its identical courses same as in a physical campus, but from home, and pass their exams at the end of the year.

Why not Internationally?

SUPINFO International University offers its students a high mobility allowing them each year to continue their studies with the same program on a different campus. In addition to the campuses in France, SUPINFO offers many International campuses in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

* SUPINFO International University is an international institution with headquarters in Brussels and operates campuses in France and around the world alone or in partnership with a network of approved local institutions. For its campuses in France, including SUPINFO International University operates in partnership with the French institution "Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique de Paris" (Paris SUPINFO) which is recognized by the French State to private higher education institution issuing a listed by the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP) in the National Register of Professionelles Certification (NCPR) and therefore recognized by the French state at the highest level, level I (Bac +5, engineer, Master).

Unlike the rest of the world, the use in France of "Master", "M1", "M2", even in an international name as "Master of Science" may be regulated as the practice of "bachelor "," License "," Master "and" PhD ". Consequently, and as a precaution, SUPINFO International University makes it clear here, even in the absence of any French law currently being implemented in this regard, here uses the term "Master" regarding its identity and its international position strengthened by the existence of its campus outside of France, and due to its ability of delivering outside France alone or in partnership with foreign institutions the title of "Master of Science".

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